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Janita and Tauras Plunge charity and support foundation

Being an animal lover since my childhood, one of the biggest values in my company is to help pets.

Pets are members of our families, friends, and partners who are unconditionally loyal and close to us, they teach us to communicate, love and never give up. A person who takes care of an animal is always of higher morals, he has more warmth inside his heart, he knows how to love, and he knows how to communicate without words.

My goal is to take care of as many pets as possible, and I have several methods to do so. First of all, I regularly donate money, pet food, and other necessary goods to pet shelters in our country. Second, we have built special donation boxes in all KIKA stores to encourage our clients to contribute to this mission. Third, I established a charity and support foundation, which now helps thousands of pets.

In 2022, my husband and I established the Janita and Tauras Plunge charity and support foundation to help Ukrainian pet and their owners, who are suffering from pet goods shortage because of war. We understand that the millions of pets in a war-torn country need help, no matter where they are with their owners at the moment – in dilapidated homes, shelters, bunkers, or subway stations. They are close to their owners, and for many Ukrainians, a pet may be the only other life nearby, the only consolation, the only friend. With this in mind, we have set up a fund aimed at helping pets. We are constantly looking for ways to deliver support to the most remote corners of Ukraine so that every hungry pet can get the support it needs.

I also invite you to contribute to the support so that we can provide even more support items, food, and other necessary goods for pets: www.janitafoundation.com