Tauro Pro Line Conditioners & Masks

Tauro Pro Line Conditioners & Masks

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The best approach to guarantee the best appearance and the health of your pet's coat is to use the Tauro Pro Line 3-step care system that includes conditioners and masks at the last step. This type of maintenance is crucial to a dog's or cat's health and preserves the appearance of their coat.

The product must be carefully chosen, considering your pet's coat demands and other factors, because the right choice of products is the crucial part of the skin and coat care routine.

Tauro Pro Line conditioners and masks for dogs and cats

Every line of these products performs excellently in enhancing hair structure and making brushing simpler by ensuring deep nourishment and moisturizing.

Superior Care Pet catalog has coat conditioners and masks suitable for everyone’s fur:

  • for a healthy and shiny look of the coat;
  • for hydration;
  • for better combing;
  • for coat and fur growth promotion;
  • for coat restoration;
  • for sensitive skin.

With so many choices, you can pick the one that will benefit your pet the most, taking into consideration factors like breed, coat type and color, and care objectives.

The natural components soften the fur strands, making it easier to brush the coat. 

Any line of pet conditioners and masks from this brand can be used for daily maintenance at home or by professional groomers.

The quality we offer

We are the creators of the Tauro Pro Line brand and a 3-step system for skin and coat care. We only allow safe components in our formulas — no silicones, parabens, mineral oils, or SLS are allowed in any of the grooming products you will find in our shop.

We make premium skin and coat care items for everyone who appreciates seeing their dogs happy and healthy.  Even at home, you can make sure that your dog or cat receives first-rate care.

Buy a conditioner or mask to complete your 3-step skin & coat care routine! If you order items with a total of $70 or higher, we will cover shipping costs for you.