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About Janita

I’m Janita J. Plunge – a breeder, cynologist, groomer, and product developer.

I have lived with dogs most of my life, over 35 years.

Superior Care Pet founder Janita J. PlungeLove for pets helped me understand their needs to grow up healthy and happy. For me, dogs are the best teachers, and inspirators, they show me the right way and motivate me to create.

My first dog, a silver poodle named Kika, inspired me to step into the world of animals, and delve into the peculiarities of pet care. I learned the secrets of poodle grooming while raising Kika, and I've been working as a dog groomer since the age of 16. At the age of 18, I became the president of the poodle club, and at the age of 23, I became an international judge, the youngest judge in the world. During my career, I looked at animals from different perspectives: as an owner, as a groomer, as a breeder, and as a judge. This has helped me to fully understand pets and develop products for them so that with God's help I can make their lives better.

The great love for dogs turned into a hobby, and the hobby turned into a successful family business that we have been developing since 1991. When I started my career, I told myself “I will find a solution for white coat dogs!”. I gathered a team of veterinarians and pet nutritionists to create a natural and balanced solution that helps to eliminate brown tear stains and ensure the wellbeing of pets. After years of extensive testing, we have created a formula for a healthy pet: 80% nutrition + 20% daily care. This is how functional Nature’s Protection Superior Care White Dogs food and natural Tauro Pro Line skin & coat care products were created. This combination ensures perfect whiteness and is now acknowledged worldwide. We receive great customer reviews and words of gratitude every day. This recognition further inspires me to keep creating products that ensure the wellbeing of our pets.


Today, our business has grown to 130 retail stores in the Baltic states, 3 factories, a TOP 4 dog kennel in the world with over 2000 champion titles, the only professional groomer academy and spa salon in Europe, export to over 60 countries around the world and over 700 business partners in wholesale trade.

My mission is to keep pets healthy and happy with the help of natural products. The knowledge and experience that I’ve gained in over 35 years in dog breeding allows me to create the best products for my own and your most precious pets.