About Us

About the Factory

AKVATERA LT, UAB is a modern factory specializing in pet food manufacturing. It has been successfully operating since 2004. The factory uses one of the leading-edge equipment in Northern Europe. The most advanced technology, consultations provided by experienced pet food professionals from Europe, and supplies of best quality raw materials capacitate the factory to devise recipes of top quality products and manufacture them for the optimum price. AKVATERA LT, UAB manufactures dry extruded dog and cat food, rodent and bird feed, i.e. goodies that meet present-day requirements for feeding pets. We also have a separate factory for dog treats.

From the very beginning AKVATERA LT, UAB has been consistently working in the area of ensuring the best pet food quality. High-quality production is the main goal of the company. Therefore, AKVATERA LT, UAB makes regular investments in upgrading its equipment and introducing new technologies and methods.

The company has established a Quality monitoring, management, and control system that ensures quality at every stage of the entire cycle of manufacturing: from procuring raw materials all the way up to the sales of the final product.

With a view to better satisfy the needs of pets AKVATERA LT, UAB targets its production at healthier pet food manufacturing. In the process of devising recipes for healthier food, the technologist of AKVATERA LT, UAB cooperates with consulting technologists from other countries, takes counsel with specialists from the laboratories of the National Food and Veterinary Risk Assessment Institute and the Food Institute affiliated with the Kaunas University of Technology. The company applies advanced technologies that guarantee the required pet food quality.

We strive to be environmentally friendly when manufacturing products. Food and treats made by our factories are of the highest quality, with natural ingredients, so I decided that the production process should also meet the same values. Understanding the negative long-term effects of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions on nature and the environment around us. In 2019 we installed a solar power plant on the factory premises. It generates about 30% of the total electricity required for the factory.

From July 2020 we use 100% green energy for production. Maximizing the capabilities of our solar power plant, we purchase the remaining electricity from other renewable energy sources - wind, water, and solar power plants. We are convinced that sustainability is the future of responsible business.