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About Superior Care Pet

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Superior Care Pet is a family business based on 35 years of experience in dog breeding. Opening the Superior Care Pet division in the US is a new chapter in the history of our company.

When I established my company in Lithuania in 1991, I never thought that it will grow to the international level. Fortunately, the success of products, export to more than 60 countries worldwide, and the expansion of market share in the Baltic States encouraged me to take another big step and present my precisely created products to the USA. While the global pandemic was a time for many businesses to shut down, I used that time to figure out the necessary steps for entering the US market. In 2021, the first Nature’s Protection and Tauro Pro Line products entered the US market, marking the beginning of Superior Care Pet's establishment. 

Superior Care Pet is an expansion of our family business, where every member has an important role, along with a team of experienced specialists. Here we follow the same mission as in our homeland Lithuania, which is - every product is designed for a pet to have a healthy and happy life. Putting pets in the first place allows us to create the best products according to their real needs, which I learned during more than 35 years in dog breeding. This is the reason why I named this division the Superior Care Pet – it responds to a deep understanding of pets and our main mission. 

I am ready to share my long-tested and thoroughly created pet care system with You!