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Tauro Pro Line stainless steel replacement blades set for pet's coat clippers
Tauro Pro Line stainless steel replacement blade for pet's coat clippers

While some dog owners choose professional grooming solutions, others are confident in their own capabilities to give their pets a full makeover at home. Whatever option you choose, ensure you have all the supplies to give your pet a tidy, well-groomed look.

There are important factors to take into account when grooming your pet or just to take care of their coat. For example, coat type and density have to be accounted for ‒ they need different approaches and equipment. Hair clippers are ideal tools that are simple to use for both veterinarians and pet groomers at this point.

Suitable for any coat type, clippers are an essential thing to keep in your grooming bag.

Hair clippers for your dog at Superior Care Pet

Consider factors like the dog's size and hair length when choosing the finest dog clippers for your pet.

Tauro Pro Line clippers are suitable for both professional and home use. Made with your pet in mind, these clippers are silent, effective, and highly customizable.

  • you can switch between speed modes;
  • change clipper heads easily;
  • long-lasting battery;
  • convenient and wireless.

The brand made it really convenient to use their hair clippers ‒ they’re autonomous and highly customizable. You can choose the length of the head’s blade, and the speed mode ‒ all in a few clicks, without interrupting the process.

Also, these clippers produce little to no noise, thus making the procedure less stressful for your pet friend.

Finding strategies to keep your dog calm while you trim your dog's hair might take some time. Some groomers give dogs nutritious treats to keep them calm during extended grooming procedures. 

Trimming your dog's fur can also aid in the early detection of some medical issues, like lice or different rashes on the skin. 

The quality we offer

Superior Care Pet offers a full range of grooming tools and accessories to maintain your dog’s A+ looks. Whether you’re a professional groomer or an enthusiastic pet owner, the solutions we offer suit both, being highly productive and easy to use.

We are the creators of Tauro Pro Line brand, meaning we offer original high-quality products for pet skin and coat care. 

With Superior Care Pet, you can buy these clippers at affordable prices and with fast delivery all over the US. If the total cost of your order exceeds $70, the delivery will be free.