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Your pet’s health depends on many things: nutrition, living conditions, and, of course, general care.

Taking care of dog’s or cat’s skin and coat is just as important as figuring out the right nutrition plan for them. Superior Care Pet offers solutions with more than 97% natural ingredients to improve the health of your pet’s skin and support an A+ look of the coat.

Skin and coat care products for dogs and cats

Skin and coat care is always a balanced system: using just a shampoo is not enough. Instead, a proper skin and coat care system for pets consists of three main steps:

  1. Cleaning. Taking care of the lipid barrier is the basic step ‒ just like in human skin care. A shampoo will gently exfoliate dead skin cells and extra sebum to make the coat clean and prepared for the next step.
  2. Function. Skin and coat require their own nutrients that will revitalize the look and strengthen the structure of every hair. Shampoos with active ingredients are an A+ means to complete this step.
  3. Fixation. The final step is all about capturing the results and locking in the ingredients. Masks and conditioners together with coat oils and elixirs serve this purpose perfectly, untangling the coat and adding more shine along the way.

Of course, this can’t be done with care products designed for humans ‒ pets have completely different skin and coat structures, as well as different pH level. 

Tauro Pro Line has three collections of coat care products – White Coat designed with white coat needs in mind, Healthy Coat for all coat types, and Pure Nature for extra gentle care with essential oils, also for all coat types.

Designed especially for light-coated dogs, we offer two products: Pure Mist alkaline water and Stainless Look clay mask. Use these daily to prevent brown tear stains.

The quality we offer

To make our collection suitable for as many pets as possible, we’ve ensured that every formula is as safe as possible. No SLS, parabens, mineral oils, or silicons ‒ only gentle and efficiency-proven care with safe and natural ingredients.

Our brand believes that health comes both from inside and outside ‒ this is why choosing the best skin and coat care is as important as choosing proper pet nutrition.

Buy high-quality skin and coat care products in our catalog ‒ they’re both natural and highly effective in combination with the love and effort you make to make your pet friend happy and healthy. We also offer free delivery for orders starting from $70 in price.