Tauro pro line shampoo

Tauro Pro Line Shampoo

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8.5 fl. OZ
Tauro Pro Line - White Coat daily care shampoo for dogs and cats coat
From $14.99 to $28.99
8.5 fl. OZ
33.8 fl. OZ - Out of stock
Tauro Pro Line - Healthy Coat, hydrating shampoo for dogs and cats coat
From $14.99 to $31.99
8.5 fl. OZ - Out of stock
33.8 fl. OZ
Tauro Pro Line - Healthy Coat daily care shampoo for dogs and cats coat
From $14.99 to $31.99

Tauro Pro Line natural shampoos are the best way to ensure an A+ condition of your pet’s coat and skin underneath. This kind of care plays an essential role in a dog’s or cat’s health while also keeping a beautiful look on their coat. 

Since the three-step system is the foundation of the skin and coat care routine, the treatment for these steps has to be chosen wisely, according to your pet’s skin and coat condition as well as other factors.

Tauro Pro Line shampoos for dogs and cats

Ensuring gentle cleansing, every line of these shampoos does a great job of removing dead skin cells and extra sebum and detoxing the skin. 

Superior Care Pet catalog has pet shampoos tailored to everyone’s needs:

  • for daily care;
  • for coat whitening;
  • for deep cleaning and gentle exfoliation;
  • hydrating shampoos;
  • nourishing shampoos;
  • shampoos with natural and essential oils;
  • And many other options, suitable even for sensitive skin.

This variety of options allows you to choose the best bathing solution for your pet, taking into account its breed, health conditions, and care goals while also sticking to the three-step care system. Shampoos for the second step ‒ function ‒ are just as important as for the first one, which is cleaning.

The natural ingredients make the coat silky and smooth, easing the brushing in this way. Additionally, Tauro Pro Line shampoos support the maintenance of the pet's ideal pH balance and don't irritate the skin.

Pet shampoos from any line can be used both by specialized groomers and for daily care at home, providing long-term results.

The quality we offer

We are the developers of Tauro Pro Line skin and coat care products. With that in mind, every grooming product or tool you will find in our catalog contains only safe ingredients – we tolerate no silicones, parabens, mineral oils, or SLS in our formulas.

Experienced breeders create the high-quality skin and coat care products we offer for everyone who enjoys seeing their pets healthy and happy. This way. you can ensure your beloved dog or cat gets premium-level care even at home.

Buy a shampoo that fully suits your pet’s needs and supports their healthy look! We offer fast delivery and low prices ‒ and if you order anything for a total of $70 or more, delivery fees are on us.