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Tauro Pro Line Brush round

Tauro Pro Line Ergonomic Classic Wooden Slicker Dog & Cat Brush For Long & Dense Coats Comfortable Brushing And Detangling

Tauro Pro Line Brush wooden, rectangular shape
From $23.99 to $29.99

Tauro Pro Line Brush wooden, rectangular shape
From $23.99 to $29.99

Some pet owners prefer professional grooming services, while others are sure they can handle it on their own. Whatever your choice, you have to make sure you have every tool needed to make your pet look clean and cared for.

For instance, there are certain crucial considerations to make while clipping your pet's hair or just caring for their cleanliness. It's a good idea to brush your dog or cat out thoroughly using a brush before you start trimming. For nail and fur care, a nice habit to develop is clipping nails before the bath, and trim the fur after. You will need to use scissors or trimmers to style your pup’s fur when the time comes.

So, what kind of tools might you need for that?

Grooming equipment for dogs

You need a variety of grooming necessities for your dog, such as dog bathing gloves, combs to detangle, dog brushes to remove fallen hair and smooth the coat, and dog clippers to cut the hair. To maintain the perfect condition of nails on your furry friend, you need to also have dog nail clippers as well as a nail file. 

In the Superior Care Pet catalog, you will find high-quality grooming tools you can buy for your dog:

  • brushes;
  • combs;
  • hair clippers;
  • baths;
  • grooming bags;
  • scissors;
  • dryers and drying boxes;
  • nail grinders.

We have plenty of these to choose from ‒ depending on your dog’s coat type, you can buy different types of scissors, heads for hair clippers, and brushes. Some tools work best for smaller breeds, while others are suitable for bigger breeds with longer coats.

These are suitable for use at home as well as for professional use, with the groomer’s health in mind ‒ the ergonomics of these tools relieve the tension on hands and ease the process.

The quality we offer

Every grooming tool is made from safe and durable materials, ensuring safety in use. We make sure to have enough options for all dog breeds and for all groomers ‒ both professional and home enthusiasts. 

Buy high-quality grooming equipment with Superior Care Pet at affordable prices. We offer fast and inexpensive delivery, and for orders with a total cost of $70 and higher, the delivery is completely free.