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Love for pets helped me understand their needs to grow up healthy and happy. I realized that as a responsible dog owner and a professional breeder, I have to analyze the factors of a pet’s health. My long-tested and precisely created Healthy Pet Formula looks like this: 

80% balanced nutrition + 20% pet care = 100% result

TOP 3 grooming tools every groomer should have - SuperiorCare.Pet
I realize how much information, effort, and experience the groomer profession requires, combined with how physically challenging it is. To make to grooming process easier, choose comfortable and light tools that are made from long-lasting materials. Such tools allow you to comfortably groom the pet while the ergonomic design allows the tool to adapt to your hand movements and decrease the wrist load. Read more to find out which grooming tools are a must for every groomer and what properties should they have.
Why is it important to choose an innovative bath for grooming? - SuperiorCare.Pet
A bath is probably one of the most important parts of the equipment when it comes to professional grooming. Using the right bath helps to achieve better results in a shorter period of time and also makes bathing more comfortable for both the groomer and the pet. 
How to bathe a pet? - SuperiorCare.Pet

Bathing is a casual process for every pet owner, breeder, or groomer. Therefore, there are a few things to know about pet bathing to make it better for the pet. Did you know that ​skin and coat care products penetrate the skin within a few seconds?

Choosing the right (or hazardous) shampoos, conditioners and masks can be a life-changing decision that influences a pet’s health or skin and coat condition. After all, none of us want harmful, chemically extracted substances to enter the body.

Does your dog have allergies? - SuperiorCare.Pet
Itching of the skin, teary eyes, or digestive problems, such as diarrhea, might be a sign that your dog has allergies. One of the most common triggers of dog allergies are ingredients of pet food. Learn all the symptoms and solutions to overcome your dog's allergy in this article.
What is the White Dogs food and how does it work? - SuperiorCare.Pet
Due to their coat color, skin condition, and immune system, white dogs require special nutritional solutions. Combining White Dogs' dry food and treats ensures that the pet is getting all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals which support the pet’s overall health and prevent brown tear stains.
What is it like to be a pet groomer ? - SuperiorCare.Pet

Being a professional groomer is hard and responsible work. It is not enough to just learn how to bathe and groom the pet. A grooming specialist is one of the TOP 3 people who receive clients’ questions about the issues of a pet’s looks or health.

Read more to find out my insights about this profession.

Innovation in pet grooming. How to prevent brown tear stains? - SuperiorCare.Pet

Recently I presented my "Clear Eyes Solution" products at SuperZoo pet retail trade show in Las Vegas. It's a system designed to prevent brown tear stains. Out of 900 participants, the "Clear Eyes Solution" was acknowledged as one of the 12 best innovations for pets and received the "New Product Showcase Award" in the grooming category.

Find out more about an award-winning "Clear Eyes Solution" in this article!