Superior Care Functional Treats

Superior Care Functional Treats

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All dog owners want to find the best dog treats to cherish their furry friend in order for it to eat well and be in good health. Apart from daily kibble, treats are an important part of dog nutrition ‒ they add lacking ingredients to the ration and help to clean the teeth while also being super fun to chew. If your pet is getting the right nutrients, it will have all the nourishment it needs to live the best and longest life possible. Since he is your best friend, your dog deserves nothing but the finest.

We have a long-tested and precisely created nutrition pyramid that helps your pet to stay healthy and happy. Our tests showed that the perfect daily nutrition for your dog has to contain 80% of dry food, 10–12% of canned food, 3–5% of treats and 1–3% of functional supplements.

The best dog treat options are available in the Superior Care Pet catalog ‒ they will fit your dog's individual dietary needs. There are several choices, giving pet parents the flexibility they need to select the most effective treats.

Functional dog treats at Superior Care Pet

Joints, bones, and teeth are few of the most important health concerns for every dog owner. Supporting general health of your pet is possible by sticking to the nutrition pyramid addressed previously. It also includes functional treats that contain daily dose of much-needed micronutrients.

Superior Care Pet treats are functional ‒ meaning they combine two important features:

  1. They help with cleaning your pet's teeth.
  2. They strengthen bones and joints.

They’re equally tasty and wholesome with proteins derived from white fish and high-quality micronutrients for joint and dental care. Including treats in dog's daily menu ensures your friend gets all the vitamins they need.

Also, our functional treats contain Microzeogen mineral ‒ a component that regulates stomach acidity and promotes healthy digestion.

Choose what’s best for your pet

Chewy and delicious functional treats suit every dog:

  • pups, juniors, and adults;
  • small, medium, and large breeds;
  • with different dietary needs.

Also, they’re soy, wheat, and corn-free ‒ the best option for dogs with allergies. Your pet friend deserves to chew on the best treats!

The quality we offer

Superior Care Pet offers complex nutrition solutions for every dog. Every formula works towards helping your pet lead a healthy and happy lifestyle regardless of age, size, and health conditions. Our treats are made from natural-only ingredients and provide enough supplements for proper skin and coat care, as well as joint and dental health support.

Combined with the food we produce, our treats can help you create tasty and balanced nutrition for your pet that provides them with healthy, shiny white coat without any tear stains.

Superior Care Pet offers effective and inexpensive dog treats with fast delivery all over the US. For orders from $70 the delivery is completely free ‒ try it out now and help your pup lead a better life!