Tauro Pro Line Alkaline Water

Tauro Pro Line Alkaline Water

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Tauro Pro Line Ultra Natural Care 6in1 Pure Mist, multifunctional product for daily body care
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It is necessary to take care of your pet's daily hygiene. A cat or a dog may seem clean, but over time, dust accumulates on its fur. From a pet, it gets onto household items, and in the process of licking, into its digestive tract. Tauro Pro Line Alkaline Water helps maintain hygiene.

Tauro Pro Line Alkaline Water for Dogs

Tauro Pro Line alkaline water pure mist is a natural product obtained by electrochemical activation. This process creates alkaline water with a pH level of 11.3. It's intended for daily care of skin, hair, eyes, and ears of dogs, cats, and other pets.

The product is safe for humans, animals, and the environment. It's made with care for your home and pets.

Due to the convenient cosmetic sprayer, the product is economical. The volume is enough for a long period of use. 

If you have already bought a spray bottle, buy a replacement unit. The refill pad is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the refillable bottle. By switching to a reusable bottle and a replacement unit, you will help reduce the plastic footprint on the planet.

Features of Tauro Pro Line Alkaline Water for Dogs

Alkaline water is useful because it is a fantastic choice for:

  • Protection. Highly hydrating and therefore can help protect against dry, allergic dog skin. Alkaline water has 10 times more moisture than water. 
  • Skin and coat care products. When used together with shampoo, conditioner, or other skin and coat products for your pup, it can increase their effectiveness by several times.
  • Cleanliness. Such a product can help avoid brown stains and eliminate dirt and yellow urine stains on your dog's coat or skin.
  • Eye and ears hygiene. This spray can help protect the skin from dryness.
  • Disinfecting. It has antibacterial properties and helps to heal scratches.
  • Anti-static effect. Distinguished by its anti-static properties, it can help deal with electrified fur. This product is perfect when preparing your pet for an exhibition.

Moreover, this spray is a unique solution for a variety of animals. It's suitable for dogs, cats, and other pets living with you.

Benefits to Buy Tauro Pro Line Alkaline Water in Superior Care Pet

Buying Superior Care alkaline water you enjoy numerous benefits, like:

  • A reasonable price. We try to keep our cost as low as they can be when trading genuine quality products.
  • Fast delivery. Your order arrives at your door quickly. So, your pet will never suffer from the lack of alkaline water and other inexpensive products created by our brand. Delivery for orders over $70 is completely free.

Our company takes care of the environment. That's why we produce only ecologically-friendly and up to 97% natural products that are made from natural, mineral ingredients, and without mineral oils, and any review posted by our clients proves that. For example, you can view a range of our organic coat care products, such as shampoos, masks, and paw balms, in our catalog.

Furthermore, you can always buy what your pet actually needs, no matter how much you can spend. Our customer support team answers your question instantly and helps pick skin and coat care products and foods according to your dog's needs.