Tauro Pro Line Dog Powder


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Grooming is indispensable for maintaining hygiene and preventing diseases in your dog. Powder is an important product, due to which the grooming will be perfect and its effect will last for a long time.

Features of Tauro Pro Line Powder for Dogs Skin 

This fine-textured powder helps to lift the hair from the roots, gives a matte effect, and has a mild whitening effect. Using this product during participation in shows and competitions will be the best decision.

Powder is easy to use, thanks to convenient packaging of the product.

It's perfect for use in grooming salons for cutting and styling hair of senior dogs because they often have less hair. With this amazing powder, haircutting and styling become much easier.

What's more, powder is made 100% from MicroZeoGen that helps instantly stop bleeding when excessive clawing, wounds, or minor cuts occur.

However, powder has many more benefits for all dog breeds, such as:

  • Safety in use. Powder is easy to use and there are no side effects after using it. 
  • Quick hemostasis. Powder has various useful functions, such as rapid hemostasis, wound pain relief, anti-inflammatory, and other effects.
  • Easy to carry. This product is convenient for travel, it is small and portable. You can put it in your pocket, purse, backpack, or carry-on bag. Take this powder with you to the playground, camping, or vacation, to take care of your pets and keep them healthy.

All advantages are achieved due to only one ingredient — a volcanic mineral MicroZeoGen (zeolite clinoptilolite) used for powder production. Thanks to this ingredient, the powder absorbs all unnecessary and harmful binds, impurities, and toxins, and retains them until they are washed away. Due to zeolite clinoptilolite, the product is used passively: you apply it and leave it alone, letting it do its job.

Benefits to Buy Tauro Pro Line Powder for Dogs in SuperiorCare.Pet

Due to buying Tauro Pro Line powder in SuperiorCare.Pet, you get:

  • Product quality guarantee. Tauro ProLine powder is subject to mandatory certification and meets all requirements and standards. You can prove it after reading any review from pet owners who have used products by this brand.
  • Great price. No need to look for how much this inexpensive powder costs. By buying it, pup owners get a multifunctional solution for skin and coat care in one product.
  • Proven effect. This powder has undergone multi-stage testing before its release. Therefore, you can be sure that it will help your dog.
  • Superior packaging. When shipped, powder is carefully packed. Nothing will happen to the product, even during long delivery.

Besides Tauro Pro Line powder, in our catalog, you can quickly and conveniently buy everything you need for your pet, from food to alkaline water for a reasonable cost. Superior Care allows you to order an entire range of skin and coat care products.