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A dog's paw pad is a thick layer of adipose tissue. Depending on your dog's lifestyle and amount of strain placed on his paws, pads will either become rough or remain quite soft and smooth. Like human skin, a dog's paw skin suffers from huge differences in temperature, especially in winter and summer. What's more, it may get cracked because of hot pavement or sand and salt on it. In any case, it is important to take care of a dog's paw skin, and paw balms can help you do it with ease.

In any case, it's important to monitor the condition of the dog's paws and protect them with special products. Using Tauro Pro Line paw care products together with alkaline water prevents irritations, fungal, and infectious diseases of the pads, frostbite, cracking and peeling of the skin.

Varieties of Products of Tauro Pro Line Paws Protection for Dogs

Paw protection products are produced by Superior Care with up to 97%  natural ingredients, and no mineral oils. Coconut butter has a moisturizing effect. It's a valuable property, considering the autumn-winter season, and an excellent prevention of dry and flaky skin of your dog. A purified balm goes together with almond milk. It has a moisturizing effect. Moreover, it saturates the skin cells with necessary nutrients, ensuring protection from heat and cold.

There is also another option where sweet almond milk is combined with aloe and lavender. Its antiseptic properties are used to moister paw skin and to help cracked skin to heal faster. Furthermore, the fragrance of lavender is a great relaxant, making the procedure perfect.

Hemp oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants. It keeps skin and coat in good condition, helps in treatment of allergies, eczema, atopic dermatitis, and other skin diseases.

We can provide you with these three paw balms:

  • Tauro Pro Line - Pure Nature Paw Balm Nourishes&Restores. This up to 97% natural product helps to protect dog's feet from sand and salt in winter and hot pavement in summer. The balm nourishes and restores sensitive paw skin.
  • Tauro Pro Line - Nature Nose&Paw Balm Hydrates&Moisturizes. This paw balm is also up to 97% natural. It helps hydrate and moisture paw skin in summer when your dog moves on super hot pavements. It also prevents your skin from cracking in winter. The balm can be used not only for paw skin but also for nose skin which is more soft and sensitive.
  • Tauro Pro Line - Pure Nature  Paw Balm Repairs&Protects. This balm protects a dog's skin from harmful environmental factors, such as hot pavements, salt, sand, and dirt, by providing a kind of protective layer. It also has a moisturizing effect.

Inexpensive paw protectors by our brand should be applied before going outdoors, on clean and dry paws, spreading a thin and even layer on the whole surface of the pads, rubbing it gently into the skin between the toes. 

The frequency of use depends on weather conditions, amount of walking time and type of walking terrain.

Features of Tauro Pro Line Dog Paw Balms

Gentle, nourishing paw balms for caring for your dog's paws:

  • soften, nourishe and allow to moisturize paw pads;
  • soothe irritation and flaking;
  • promote healing of minor abrasions, scratches and cracks;
  • give skin suppleness and elasticity;
  • delicate formula doesn't cause irritation;
  • hypoallergenic fragrance;
  • leave no residue on the floor after application;
  • suitable for daily care of dog and puppy paws;
  • restore the skin's protective layer after the use of detergents.

The skin on your pet's paws will become soft and supple, and thanks to protection from cold, walking will become more comfortable. 

Benefits to Buy Tauro Pro Line Paw Balm for Dogs in Superior Care Pet

Order Superior Care paw balms and other skin and coat care products and enjoy these benefits:

  • High quality. Our products are made from up to 97% natural components of best and high-quality ingredients. Some of them, like urea, are used even for human cosmetics so our skin and coat care products are proven and qualified.
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