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Misoko reusable diaper set for male dogs, Treasure, 3 pcs.
From $25.99 to $44.99

Misoko reusable diaper set for male dogs, Holidays, 3 pcs.
From $25.99 to $44.99

Misoko reusable diapers set for male dogs, Voyage, 3 pcs.
From $25.99 to $44.99

Misoko reusable diapers set for female dogs, Sweet Dream, 3 pcs.
From $25.99 to $44.99

Misoko reusable diapers set for female dogs, Meadow, 3 pcs.
From $25.99 to $44.99

Misoko reusable diapers set for female dogs, Fantasy, 3 pcs.
From $25.99 to $44.99

Misoko Washable, Size Adjustable, Puppy Training, High Absorbency Diaper for Male Dogs, with puppies, mint
From $9.99 to $11.99

Having a puppy in the house is a joyful moment in the family and an excuse to put the carpet away for "better times". Diapers and pads are a sensible solution that doesn't involve changing your home for the sake of a new puppy!

Varieties of Diapers & Pads for Dogs and Puppies

The reusable absorbent pads are made of high-quality materials. The soft cloth absorbs moisture and odors quickly. A waterproof membrane prevents penetration of liquids under the bedding. Reusable mats are perfect for transporting your pet, training your offspring, and housing your older pets, and can be used as a litter bed. Pads are easy to wash in a washing machine. They are made of durable material, so they are resistant to teeth and claws.

Adult dog and puppy diapers look similar to panties with a tail opening, making them easy to wrap. Their outer layer is made of a waterproof fabric and the inner layer is made of a durable material which ensures good absorption, so there is no need to use an additional pad. These diapers are adjustable as they are equipped with fasteners so that they fit any pup and don't fall off when your dog moves. 

Features of Pads & Diapers for Puppies and Dogs

Pads and diapers bring lots of benefits for your pet and your family:

  • Odor-free and super absorbent. No unpleasant odor from diapers and pads.
  • A multipurpose solution for both female and male pups. You can use a diaper or mat not only at home, but also in the car during the journey.
  • Clean house. Diapers and mats allow you to keep your home clean and cozy. These products will help your pet get used to pee in the right place quickly.
  • Durability. They are washable and withstand 300 machine wash cycles. Robustness is ensured even after intense cleaning.
  • Environmentally friendly products. Diapers and pads don't need to be disposed of every day as they are washed after use.
  • Allergy-free. Natural materials are chosen carefully. So they cannot cause any allergic reactions to dogs or their owners.
  • Low cost. They can replace hundreds of disposable diapers and mats. So you don't have to care about how much they cost.

What's more, inexpensive diapers are available in lots of fun and creative designs. They look aesthetically pleasing on your dogs, so they can wear them outside. The pattern keeps its brightness after many washings.

To ensure your pet's complete comfort, change pads and diapers regularly for clean ones. Two or more diapers are better to use alternately for comfort.

Benefits to Buy Diapers & Pads for Dogs and Puppies at SuperiorCare.Pet

It's important for us that both your pet and you are happy with your purchase. With Superior Care, you get:

  • High quality. The strictest selection of ecological fabrics and careful product control are ensured at all stages of the production cycle, and those who review products by Misoko&Co prove it.
  • Sizes for all dogs are available in the catalog. The size chart on the product page will help you buy the right option for small and big dogs.
  • Fast delivery. No need to wait when your order arrives. Get your purchase quickly, regardless of your location.

What's more, we offer economical products by a well-known brand for a reasonable price. You can also find some extra items, like grooming products and bowls, for your pet. Don't hesitate and let your puppies be happy with the best pads and diapers!