Tauro Pro Line Elixirs

Tauro Pro Line Elixirs

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Sometimes your pet requires something more than just basic skin and coat care. Depending on the fur's condition, it might need extra hydration, nourishing, or strength ‒ and these are exactly the things Tauro Pro Line elixirs can help you with.

Using them in addition to regular coat care, you can improve the appearance of your pet’s coat and ensure it’s healthy both inside and outside. 

Tauro Pro Line elixirs for dogs and cats

The brand offers four types of elixirs that suit dogs and cats of any breed and age:

  1. A nourishing elixir. This solution is great for pets who happen to have thin hair or an uneven structure. With natural ingredients, this elixir promotes hair strength by supplying both the hair and its follicle with vital nutrients like argan oil.
  2. A repairing elixir. This elixir has the goal of adding shine to the coat while also moisturizing it. Essential oils and plant extracts mix in a perfect formula that creates a healthy look and, what’s more important, a healthy condition of your pet friend’s fur.
  3. A calming elixir. If you notice your dog or cat aggressively scratching the same spot, it’s the first sign you should visit a veterinarian. But in case the scratching is caused by a simple itch, this elixir will be of help. A combination of essential oils calms and soothes the skin, helping to ease the itchiness after mosquito bites. Also, it can be applied to treat dermatitis and pimples.
  4. An energizing elixir. If hair strands look bland, weak, or has balding spots, this is the best solution. Powered with essential oils, this elixir promotes coat growth while also strengthening it at the very base. It's also a great solution for alopecia treatment in dogs as the elixir boosts coat hair growth.

Made with love for your pet, these elixirs contain only natural ingredients ‒ no silicons, SLS, mineral oils, or parabens used in formulas.

The quality we offer

Did you know that proper care is as vital for your pet’s health as proper nutrition?

Superior Care Pet aims for the best results only, promoting the most effective solutions from professional care brands.

Tauro Pro Line products are created by an experienced breeder Janita J. Plunge for other breeders as well as for every pet owner. They’re easy in use, natural, and highly effective ‒ these qualities matter to us.

With Superior Care Pet, you can buy these elixirs at affordable prices and with fast delivery all over the US. If the total cost of your order exceeds $70, the delivery will be free of charge.