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Misoko reusable diaper set for male dogs, Treasure
From $25.99 to $44.99
Misoko reusable diaper set for male dogs, Holidays
From $25.99 to $44.99
Misoko reusable diapers set for male dogs, Voyage
From $25.99 to $44.99
Misoko reusable diapers set for female dogs, Sweet Dream
From $25.99 to $44.99
Misoko reusable diapers set for female dogs, Meadow
From $25.99 to $44.99
Misoko reusable diapers set for female dogs, Fantasy
From $25.99 to $44.99
Misoko Washable, Size Adjustable, Puppy Training, High Absorbency Diaper for Male Dogs, with puppies, mint
From $9.99 to $11.99

Situations when a pet needs to be diapered are common. Diapers are an excellent solution to this problem. They are easy to use, don't restrict the movements of the animal, and you can not be afraid that the pet pees on the floor. Thanks to diapers, it's easy to keep the house and travel clean. No reason for the owner to get upset with the pet.

Varieties of Diapers for Dogs and Puppies by Misoko&Co

Diapers by a reliable brand consist of several layers that absorb, redistribute, store moisture, and prevent it from leaking. They are designed for:

  • Puppies. The time of training your pet is individual. If there is no opportunity for a walk, palates and carpets are saved by environmentally friendly diapers.
  • Males. Active dogs tag the territory of the apartment, considering the room as their own. When guests come, a male dog strives to spill their shoes. Therefore, preventive measures are taken.
  • Females in heat. Diapers prevent blood stains on your furniture and helps you maintain a good hygiene of your dog.
  • Operated and paralyzed dogs. The rehabilitation period is characterized by the inability to control emptying. Older pets develop urinary incontinence or relaxation of the rectal sphincter. Older dogs may not be able to wait until the owner returns home and don't wait for an evening walk. Therefore, a diaper can be put on them to prevent such problems.

Different sizes of diapers are available in the catalog for both female and male pups. For small breeds, diapers in size XS or S fit. Those who own big dogs should choose from XL or XXL. To pick the right model, use the table with all the parameters.

Features of Diapers for Puppies and Dogs by Misoko&Co

Diapers provide comfort in hot weather and protect against bacteria, infections, dirt, and dust.

They are made with all anatomical features in mind:

  • they are easy to put on and take off;
  • they are securely fastened;
  • an elastic waistband allows freedom of movement;
  • the comfortable fit prevents leakage and provides mobility for your pet;
  • no additional pad is needed.

Another benefit of multipurpose diapers is that they are made of high-quality materials:

  • soft fabric ensures good absorption;
  • reliable seams guarantee a long life.

Reusable diapers make cleaning convenient for a low cost. You can wrap your pup in them during trips, traveling on public transport, and visiting guests.

With waterproof diapers, you can avoid unwanted pee marks, eliminate the possibility of stains on furniture, and they will help avoid accidental copulation.

A great variety of colors of eco-friendly diapers allows you to use them for any dog. The ability to choose the right size during the order is complemented by size-adjustment inserts with secure fasteners.

If you plan to completely replace the walk with a washable diaper, take note that it's made of durable cloth and can take enough moisture, but still, its capabilities are limited. In this case, we recommend having a pair of economical diapers with reusable pads and washing them as needed.

Benefits to Buy Diapers for Dogs and Puppies by Misoko&Co at SuperiorCare.Pet

By ordering Misoko&Co diapers at SuperiorCare.Pet, everyone gets:

  • Confidence in choice. Inexpensive diapers in our catalog have long been used by dog owners who review only positive things about them.
  • Affordable price. If you buy diapers at Superior Care, you can save money significantly. 
  • Variety. Available in unique colors and sizes. Besides diapers, it's possible to order skin products, blankets, and food for your pet. 

Want to know more about adjustable diapers and how much they cost? Don't hesitate to ask your questions and receive your delivery when you need it!