Tauro Pro Line Dryers

Tauro Pro Line Dryers

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Tauro Pro Line Professional Pet Drying Machine For Grooming Salons LCD Control 5 Defferent Temperature Disinfection System

While some pet parents favor professional grooming procedures, others are confident in their own skills. Whatever option you choose, be certain you have all the supplies on hand to give your pet a tidy, well-groomed appearance.

Drying is an important part of the grooming process ‒ if done wrong, or with non-suitable equipment, the quality of the coat can significantly decrease. Moreover, it’s highly important to keep a balanced temperature mode to make sure your pet’s skin won’t get overheated. This is why there is a stand-alone category of dryers for pets.

Tauro Pro Line dryers for pets

The dryer's main goal is to ensure the coat gets just the right amount of heat to dry off and not cause any complications. Also, drying is an important disinfecting step after bathing ‒ it ensures that wet coat won’t become a comfortable environment for different bacteria to thrive in and spread.

So, what kinds of dryers will you find in the Superior Care Pet catalog?

  • 2-in-1 coat dryers with ionic technology and air flow control;
  • drying boxes with UV ozone system.

With these, you will get a convenient and safe option to finish your beloved pet's essential coat care process. With different power and temperature modes, you can be sure your pet gets a gentle grooming experience that won’t make their skin overheat or go dry.

The quality we offer

Tauro Pro Line is a brand that specializes in professional pet care. Apart from high-quality coat care products, Tauro Pro Line also creates durable and powerful (up to 2200W) dryers and other types of grooming equipment.

With ionization feature, your pet’s coat will look shiny and healthy after every bath or grooming session ‒ even if you’re doing it yourself at home. You won't get tired of using this equipment – it's very silent and ergonomically shaped.

Also, these dryers are quiet, which is especially important for working on problematic pets or in the room with other cats or dogs.

Buy a professional dryer now at affordable prices, and get a free delivery for that order!