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Superior Care Dry Food

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Dog food is something that should be picked wisely ‒ as a pet owner, it’s always your responsibility to provide healthy nutrition to your dog. We at Superior Care Pet know how important it is to choose an optimal diet that will benefit your dog’s health ‒ this is why we have a huge variety of options when it comes to dog food that addresses different needs.

Dry dog food at Superior Care Pet

Small or big breeds, pups, juniors, and adult pets ‒ our collection of dog food and functional treats include the needs of everyone, even dogs with special nutritional requirements.

So, what’s inside our treats?

Rich proteins derived from white fish. No soy, corn, or wheat ‒ our treats are fully suitable for allergic pets. Natural proteins are important for muscle growth as well as for maintaining a healthy nutritional balance.

  1. Grain-free basis. We make sure to keep our treats as healthy as possible to let your pet lead a well-balanced lifestyle.
  2. Natural antioxidants. Including vitamin E adds cell protection against free radicals.
  3. Fatty acids. Omega-3 and Omega-6 are crucial for the skin and coat care of your dog, as well as for a healthy digestion process.
  4. Microzeogen mineral ‒ a special ingredient of volcanic origin that balances stomach acidity.

We offer treats for allergic dogs ‒ don’t let the allergy spoil your pet’s fun! Grain-free and rich in nutrients, Superior Care Pet foods and treats are suitable for different breeds and dog sizes.

Choose what’s best for your pet

Some animals are pickier compared to others when it comes to eating, but it is our responsibility to provide them with the proper dry food and treats. As a pet owner, there are many things to think about before making a decision, such as the age, breed, size, and health of your dog. If you have any concerns regarding feeding for your dog's unique requirements, choosing food or treats for your pet, just let us know - we are ready to help you with that!

Dry food is available from Superior Care Pet in various tastes. It should stop being difficult to feed a dog with unique dietary requirements. The instructions of feeding frequency and amounts are provided on each pack.

The quality we offer

Each dog has specific dietary requirements, and Superior Care Pet offers dry food and treats to accommodate them. With a balanced diet that suits your pet’s breed, age, and size, you can support their general health:

  • digestion;
  • joints health;
  • body development;
  • cardiovascular health;
  • immune system;
  • reduce brown tear stains caused by allergies or wrong food choices.

Also, with carefully picked ingredients, our treats and dry foods will aid your pup or dog in weight control, providing a full and healthy diet.

Order delicious and healthy treats from the Superior Care Pet catalog now! We can prove that a healthy pet diet can be inexpensive. Also, we offer free US delivery for orders starting from $70 in price.