About Us

Janita and Tauras Plunges at the opening of Tauro Grooming Academy

Tauro Grooming Academy is an old dream of mine. When I was 15 years old, our family got its first dog, a silver poodle, named Kika. I loved Kika very much and tried to take care of her as best as I could. However, I couldn't afford to take her to a professional grooming salon. That's how I started learning the secrets of poodle grooming myself to keep my Kika in the best shape. Soon, people around me started to notice that Kika looked flawless, and when I told them that I groomed her myself, I got requests to groom other dogs too. That's how I started working as a dog groomer when I was just 16 years old.


Through practice and many years of experience, I understood perfectly how much information, effort, and experience the groomer profession requires. Since I learned everything the hard way, I wanted to give other groomers a more comfortable path, a place where they could learn this craft.


In 2021 my dream turned into reality - the Taurus Grooming Academy was established! It is an international-level school that provides training for both pet owners and groomers pursuing a professional careers. Academy training programs are based on my more than 35 years of experience in cynology, personal discoveries, skills, and practical lessons. At the academy, we follow my carefully developed grooming system, which includes natural skin and coat care products, professional grooming tools, and innovative equipment. The seminars are conducted by me and other famous foreign and local grooming specialists.


By establishing the Tauro Grooming Academy, I hope to train highly qualified grooming specialists and provide all four-legged friends a chance to enjoy an innovative spa salon.


Tauro Grooming Academy is not only a school but also a spa salon for pets. Here you can pamper your pet with spa treatments performed with Tauro Pro Line grooming products, which nourish your pet's coat and skin and help solve even complex skin or coat problems.