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About Tauro Kennel

Superior Care Pet founders Janita and Tauras with white dogs
I have lived with dogs for over 35 years, which is most of my life. It made me understand how important a source of love for a pet is in every person's life. My great love for dogs led me to the path of a breeder. This is my true vocation, to which I have dedicated my life.

In 1994 I founded Tauro Kennel, a loving home where we breed Pomeranian Spitzes, Maltese Bichons, and Bichon Frises. I raise all dogs as my own children, giving them love, personal attention, and special care. All of this is ensured by the help of the team at Tauro Kennel, which consists of veterinarians, behaviorists, dog groomers, and dog sitters. Here we provide the best conditions for puppies to be able to grow up healthy, and happy to be able to achieve victories.

As a breeder, I set the highest standards for myself. When breeding dogs, I always idealize their breed and its uniqueness, so I always do thorough research to select the right genetic line. Thanks to careful breeding and my long-term experience, beautiful and intelligent babies are born that perfectly meet the breed standard. This can be proved by the achievements of our kennel.
Dogs bred by Tauro Kennel have already won more than 2,000 championship titles around the world. Among them are 7 world champions, 9 world vice-champions, 10 European champions, and 18 USA champions. In 2022, at the World Dog Show in Madrid, we received an important award - Tauro Kennel was recognized as the TOP4 best kennel in the world. Our kennel is also recognized as the TOP4 best kennel in Shanghai, China. I am proud that our dogs are so appreciated all over the world! Puppies raised in Tauro Kennel already live in 55 different countries of the world and have become champions in the USA, Australia, Japan, and many other countries.

The vision of Tauro Kennel is to breed purebred puppies worthy of the championship title and to see them off to loving families where they will create happiness and give moments of joy every day. But our work does not end here! When a puppy is sent off to its new home, its new owners become part of one big Tauro Kennel community, with whom we celebrate kennel celebrations and share sweet moments. We offer advice for the owners throughout the life of the puppies, help them solve emerging problems, and together we enjoy the achievements of the pets in both their careers and family life.

I, like thousands of breeders in the world, understand that I perform a very responsible job - I create and give the love born in the kennel to a new home, where a cute puppy can change the whole life of the owner. I wish you, the new owners of the puppies, to experience this love as well.