About Us

KIKA store

My first dog, a silver poodle named KIKA, inspired me to open a pet store under her name. In 1991, the first KIKA store was opened in my homeland Lithuania.

Today, for more than 30 years, KIKA has been a leading pet store chain with 73 stores in Lithuania and 42 in Estonia and still expanding.

In KIKA stores, you can buy a variety of pet care products to make living with a pet easy, pleasant, and joyful. Here we sell products of our own production and represent our brands, such as Nature's Protection, Tauro Pro Line, Misoko, Oak's Farm, HiQ, Amelum, etc., as well as world-famous brands, like Sera, Beaphar, Royal Canin, Trixie, Savic, Juwel, Vitakraft, Versele Laga, etc.

For the convenience of customers, the largest KIKA stores have pet salons. The services of bathing, grooming, and other hygiene procedures are provided here. Pet salons are equipped with the latest modern Tauro Pro Line equipment: liftable grooming tables, ozone bathtubs, and innovative dryers. Professional grooming tools and natural skin and coat care products are used here. KIKA groomers bathe and groom not only dogs but also other animals, like cats and rabbits.

In the largest KIKA stores, veterinary offices and pharmacies have been established. Qualified veterinarians can provide free advice on pet health and care issues. In KIKA veterinary pharmacies, you can buy medicines for animals, specialized tools, and diet food.

KIKA stores are a comprehensive place for a healthy pet and happy owner.