Tauro Pro Line - Comb Ultra light line

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Article number: TPLY63489

with aluminum handle and stainless steel pins, 9.65 in, mint

Tauro Pro Line Ultra light line comb is a high quality pet grooming tool.

High quality

The comb features the signature durability thanks to the aluminium handle and teeth of stainless steel. Each tooth is treated with special technology to gently separate each hair.



The comb is extremely light, does not burden the wrist when combing the pet.

Suitable for extremely dense fur

Thanks to the special processing and coating of the comb teeth, they are suitable even for pets with extremely dense fur. Bristles slide through the coat with ease, carefully lifting hair from the roots.


Both ends of the Tauro Pro Line comb have different density teeth, which makes the use of the comb even more practical. You can easily fluff your pet's fur with them, remove dead hair, and comb out even large tangles.

For universal use

This Tauro Pro Line comb can be used by both professional pet groomers and pet owners who care about their pet's coat.


• Comb length: 9.65 in.
• Teeth length - 1.3 in.
• Number of teeth – 68.
• Handle material: aluminium.
• Teeth of stainless steel.
• Color – mint.
• Intended for the care of fur of various densities.

Made in China.

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