Tauro Pro Line slicker brush plastic

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teeth 0.79 in, thin, purple
teeth 0.79 in, thin, mint color
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Easily brush your tangled four-legged friend's coat with the professional Tauro Pro Line brush!

High quality

The brush has extra-long teeth the gently separate tangled hair with each tooth. The special angle of the teeth makes grooming your pet easy and reduces the risk of damaging the pet's skin.


The Tauro Pro Line brush is practical and suitable for any breed of cat or dog.


The special anti-static coating prevents the hair from building up electric charge, which makes combing the coat even easier and leaves it smooth and shiny.

For universal use

The Tauro Pro Line brush can be used by both professional animal groomers and owners who respect their pet's fur and skin.


  • Tooth size – 20 mm.
  • Colors: purple, mint.
  • Pad colour: grey.
  • Brush handle – plastic.

Manufacturer: Tauro Pro Line.


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