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World Dog Show Limited Edition Groomer's Bag

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KIKA's brands Nature's Protection Superior Care and Tauro Pro Line will be this year's prestigious general sponsors of the World Dog Show 2023 in Geneva. This is an extraordinary event, a must-attend for all passionate dog breeders and enthusiasts.   


As proud contributors to this championship, we are thrilled to present our exclusive LIMITED EDITION merchandise, specifically designed for this significant occasion.  


Hairdresser's bag for tools and clippers. 


Exclusive design 

The bag is distinguished by its playful design. It is brightly colored, featuring delightful puppy prints. 


Robust, easy-to-clean material 

Constructed from robust tarpaulin material, this bag is incredibly easy to clean, making maintenance a breeze. Transformable and foldable, it allows for effortless cleaning, both inside and out. 


Extremely roomy and comfortable 

This practical bag is extremely handy. You can store your clippers and tools in it. 


With a handle 

This hairdresser's bag has a long handle so you can put it on your shoulder. The bag can also be conveniently hung on your hand luggage case. 


With zippers 

All pockets have a durable zip fastening. 




  • Dimensions: 30.5x18.5x25 cm. 
  • Color: violet. 


Made in China to special order. 


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