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As a dog breeder, my passion has always been to provide the best nutrition for my canine companions. I have seen with my own eyes how a healthy diet can affect a dog's overall well-being, especially when it comes to their coat health. Therefore, I created Nature's Protection Superior Care Red Coat - a unique dry dog food formula that aims to enhance and maintain the health and color of a dog's coat. In this article, I will discuss the nutritional factors that impact coat health, the recommended diet for dogs with coat depigmentation, and how my Red Coat food with RCE (Red Coat Enhancer) formula can help address coat depigmentation in dogs.


Nutritional Factors Affecting Coat Health

Coat depigmentation is a common issue that usually affects brown and red-coated dogs, and it can be caused by various diseases, operations, stress, grooming treatments, hormonal imbalance, or seasonal changes. However, the most significant factor contributing to this problem is a lack of amino acids, as coat health is directly linked to a dog's overall nutrition. Among the most important nutrients that impact coat health are protein, fats, and vitamins. Protein is necessary for the growth and maintenance of healthy skin and hair, while fats are essential for a shiny and healthy coat. Specifically, amino acids cysteine, tyrosine, and methionine play an important role in the color pigmentation of the coat, while vitamins A, B, C, and E and fatty acids, such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 are critical for cell growth, repair, and protection. A diet that lacks these essential nutrients can lead to poor coat quality, hair loss, and depigmentation. Therefore, it is crucial to provide your furry friend with a balanced and nutritious diet to maintain their coat health.


Recommended Diet for Dogs with Coat Depigmentation

Dogs with coat depigmentation require a diet rich in essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. As a breeder, I strongly recommend Nature's Protection Superior Care Red Coat food line, which contains the RCE (Red Coat Enhancer) formula. This unique blend of natural ingredients helps maintain the natural color and shine of a dog's coat, and it doesn't contain any artificial ingredients, chemicals, or coloring.



How does the Red Coat food work?

Nature's Protection Superior Care Red Coat product line includes the right amount of amino acids that function in the hair roots and increase color pigments in melanocyte cells. Melanocyte cells produce two types of color pigments: Black eumelanin and Brown pheomelanin. Both color pigments are fed by the amino acids - cysteine, tyrosine, and methionine. Including these amino acids in the Red Coat food works as a food for melanocyte cells and helps to promote the natural pigment of the hair.


The nutrition formula for red and brown fur dogs includes three main benefits:

  1. Helps to promote and improve coat pigmentation in a natural way. The RCE Complex found in the Red Coat line is a balanced amino acid complex that helps protect and enhance the natural pigmentation of a brown and red coat. It is these amino acids that promote the sufficient production of color pigment. The RCE complex provides the pet with a balanced amount of amino acids that affect coat pigmentation.
  2. Fights against brown tear stains. Just like in our White Dogs food line, the carefully selected balance of amino acids in the food makes the tear and saliva structure transparent, thus helping to protect the pet from brown stains around the eyes, mouth, and paws. Check out the before and after cases from all around the world!
  3. Provides a healthy and balanced diet. We have chosen only the finest hypoallergenic protein sources, such as lamb and salmon with krill. We have also included a special volcanic element, MicroZeoGen, also known as clinoptilolite, which helps to activate the gut microflora and increase nutrient absorption. Thanks to its unique microstructure, it aids in detoxification and strengthens the immune system. By enriching the formula with vitamins and minerals, we ensure a wholesome and nourishing diet for your beloved pet.


For even better results

A balanced and healthy diet is essential not only for the color of the fur but also for the overall health of the pet. It's important to note that a balanced diet should consist of 95% dry food and only 5% treats. When choosing treats, you must carefully analyze their composition and ensure that they contain a hypoallergenic protein source, such as white fish, salmon, krill, lamb, or insects, along with vital vitamins and minerals. In addition to proper nutrition, a regular and appropriate bathing routine is also crucial for maintaining a healthy and vibrant coat. In fact, pet care and regular grooming have a 20% impact on a pet’s health. I highly recommend using only natural bathing products, such as Tauro Pro Line, and following my 3-step system for the best results.



In conclusion, the health of a dog's coat is crucial to their overall health and well-being. A balanced diet, abundant in essential nutrients, not only enhances coat color but also guarantees a healthy life for your companion. Our Nature's Protection Superior Care Red Coat formula is a nutritional solution for depigmentation in dogs: a blend of natural ingredients can maintain your dog's coat's natural color while providing indispensable nutrients for overall health. I am pleased to announce that my carefully created Red Coat food will soon be available in the United States!


Breeding dogs for more than 35 years brought me to my mission – to understand and create the best products for pets. I’m ready to share my long-tested and thoroughly created pet care system with you!
- Janita J. Plunge

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