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Nature's Protection Superior Care White Dog Grain-Free Dry Dog Food For Adult Small And Mini Breeds Light Coated Dogs, Herring
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Every pet owner wants to discover the finest dog food and treats to give their pet friend so that they could eat well and feel well. Finding the finest dog food for your dog's particular needs is one of the simplest ways to keep them healthy and happy for life. Your beloved pet will have all they need in terms of food to live its healthiest and happiest life if they are getting the correct nutrients. Your dog deserves the best because he is your best buddy.

Superior Care Pet has the greatest dog food selections that will suit your dog's particular taste preferences. Several food options are available, providing pet parents with the versatility they need to choose the best option for their dog.

We have a long-tested and precisely created nutrition pyramid that helps your pet to stay healthy and happy. Our tests showed that the perfect daily nutrition for your dog has to contain 80% of dry food, 10–12% of canned food, 3–5% of treats and 1–3% of functional supplements.

Dry dog food at Superior Care Pet

We offer dry dog food, treats, and supplements for dogs and pups with any needs: 

  • for dogs with allergies;
  • for small and large breeds;
  • for puppies and adult dogs;
  • for dogs with sensitive digestion;
  • for light and red coats.

All of the foods we offer are gluten-free. We choose balanced formulas with unique ingredients that work towards support of the immune and digestive systems, as well as coat and skin care. 

Also, our dog food is supplemented with an element of volcanic origin, Microzeogen, which can help regulate stomach acidity. Most importantly, the amino acid balance is adjusted in such a way that it makes the tear transparent, solving the brown tear stains problem.

The products you can choose include all of the nutritional elements your pet might need, including rich proteins from lamb, white fish, salmon, and insects. Receiving protein from natural sources is essential to your dog’s health as it promotes general health and healthy digestion. Unlike soy, the sources we select provide hypoallergenic proteins, meaning they are a good fit for any dog.

The quality we offer

All of the products we offer are designed with your pet’s needs in mind. We take pride in creating balanced and healthy formulas. Every food, treat, or supplement contains rich nutrients that approach your dog’s well-being, focusing on maintaining general health.

  • highest-quality proteins derived from salmon, antarctic krill, lamb, insects, and white fish;
  • treats and food for dogs with allergies, sensitive digestion, or brown tear stains ‒ created especially for dogs with light coats. A well-adjusted amino acid balance makes saliva and tears clear, preventing dark stains on the coat;
  • made with your pet’s health in mind;
  • based on years’ of research run by pet nutritionists and veterinarians.

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