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World Dog Show - pet towel - SuperiorCare.Pet

World Dog Show pet towel

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purple, with puppies print, 31.50x47.24 in
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KIKA's brands Nature's Protection Superior Care and Tauro Pro Line will be this year's prestigious general sponsors of the World Dog Show 2023 in Geneva. This is an extraordinary event, a must-attend for all passionate dog breeders and enthusiasts.   


As proud contributors to this championship, we are thrilled to present our exclusive LIMITED EDITION merchandise, specifically designed for this significant occasion.  


This towel is an invaluable tool to help keep your furry friend clean and cool. It is also ideal if you need to cool your animal. 


Highest quality 

The towel is made from moisture-absorbent, premium fabric, this towel offers multifunctionality. 



A towel can even perform several functions. It efficiently dries your pet's coat and absorbs moisture when they get wet, while also providing a cooling effect on hot summer days. 



The cooling and moisture-absorbing towel can be rinsed and reused. 


Convenient to use 

The towel is space-saving, so it's easy to use at home and on the go. 


For various pets 

Reusable and space-saving, this towel is suitable for various pets and is available in  




  • Dimensions: 80x120 cm. 
  • Color: purple with white puppies. 


Made in China to special order. 

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