Nature's Protection Superior Care Mint Grooming Bag Puppies Print Capacious With Large Comfortable Handle

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1 pc.
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Nature's Protection Superior Care Grooming Bag will fit all of your grooming tools and clippers!

Exclusive design

Fun and beautiful bag design will attract even the most picky eye.

Extremely capacious and comfortable

This practical bag is extremely comfortable. You will be able fit clippers, tools, accessories, and treats. 

With a handle

This groomer's bag comes with a large handle, so it's very comfortable to put it on your shoulder. Easy to transfer and carry around with you.

With durable zippers
All pockets of the bag are fastened with a durable zipper.

Nature Protection's Superior Care – a groomer's bag made of the highest quality materials is designed to fit a variety of small tools and clippers.

Manufacturer: Nature Protection.

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