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Nature's Protection - Active Detox Powder Supplements With Calcium And Magnesium For Adult Dogs Full Body Detox

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NATURE'S PROTECTION ACTIVE DETOX – a purifying powder supplement with calcium and magnesium. Strengthens the intestinal wall, prevents the reabsorption of harmful substances. This powder supplement strengthens the immune system and may help against insomnia.

For healthy intestines

This powder supplement is made with all natural ingredients, free of preservatives, and is recommended for pets with digestive problems. Improve your pet's intestinal function and strengthen their immunity.


Improved sleep quality

This food supplement can help improve the quality of your pet's sleep, reduce irritability and anxiety.


Feeding instructions: ½ teaspoon (0.07 oz.)/22 lbs body weight, but maximum 3 teaspoons per day. Take 2-3 times daily one level teaspoon mixed with pet food. Intake over 90 days recommended, so that the natural mineral can develop its full effect in the gut.


Caution: Store at room temperature, maximum 77 °F. Store in a dry place and use within 6 months of opening. Keep out of the reach of children. For animal consumption.


Net weight: 8.8 oz.

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