Kika Shopping bag

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Article number: REKKIK3550

5.74 x17.71 x 3.93 inch, 1 pcs
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The reusable shopping bag KIKA is one of the first steps to contribute to more sustainable consumption. This bag can completely replace plastic shopping bags.



You will be able to use the bag many times to contribute to the preservation of the environment and cleaner nature.


Maintains a weight of up to 15kg

The bags are durable and have sturdy handles, so they can withstand up to 15 kg of weight – perfect for going shopping.


Easy to fold

The bag will fold easily and will fit easily in your purse or just in your pocket.


100% recyclable

Made of a pleasant touch opaque non-cloth material that can be recycled. The drawings and inscriptions are painted in harmless water-based ink.




Dimensions: 50x40x15  cm.


Produced in the European Union.

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