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The Samoyed is an active dog who needs food that provides enough energy without overloading the digestive system. The diet should be based on protein of animal origin. By the way, Samoyeds, unlike Bichon Frise and other breeds, love fish.

A natural product diet recommended for this breed should contain vitamins and minerals from vegetables, fruits, and berries to keep the dog's coat, teeth, and immune system healthy. All the components of the diet should be fresh and high-quality. Don't overfeed the dog, make sure that the portion is eaten in full. If food remains, it should be removed, and the next portions should be smaller.

Feed the dog after a walk so that your pet doesn't run around with a full stomach. Water should always be available in any quantity. Giving a Samoyed dog raw meat isn't allowed, it's necessary at least to scald it with boiling water, and better to boil it for a few minutes.

Some foods are forbidden to these animals. This list includes sweets, tubular bones, raw eggs, smoked meats and spices, pasta, and all baked goods.

Benefits of Feeding Fresh Dog Food to Samoyed

Fresh food brings unique benefits:

  • you can control what your dog eats and whether the food is high-quality;
  • you eliminate the risk of emulsifiers, flavorings, preservatives, and sugar entering the diet;
  • if allergies occur, you don't have to change the entire diet, but replace only one ingredient;
  • natural fiber and proteins in the composition are good for the dog's digestive system.

Functional nutrition from SuperiorCare.Pet online store is recommended not only for healthy dogs, but also for dogs with diseases. For example, it's advised for dogs with allergies as an exclusionary diet and those with gastrointestinal problems. For puppies with musculoskeletal abnormalities, a natural diet reduces inflammation and lets your pup stay active longer. Such recommendations are individual, and only vets give them. Avoid self-treatment because even the most trustworthy review can contain some false information.

The efforts are paid off by the excellent health of the pet, so there's no need to worry about how much these products cost. However, there is a purely psychological aspect: people don't always have time to go into even their diet. If this is the case, high-quality dry food and treats are better than a chaotic and ill-conceived diet of "ordinary" products.

How to Transition Your Samoyed to a Fresh Dog Food Diet?

To switch to a new diet, choose white dog food that is easy to digest. These include:

  • boiled vegetables (zucchini, pumpkin, carrots) and fresh cucumbers;
  • chicken, turkey, and fish;
  • rice.

Introduce Superior Care white dogs products from a large catalog gradually and watch your dog's reaction. If itching, coat loss, redness of the skin, and other alarming symptoms occur, the allergen will have to be eliminated.

When your dog adapts to the new diet, you can order delivery of new Nature's Protection white dog food for a reasonable price. As a result, your pet will get a nutritious and balanced diet.

Tips for Storing and Serving Fresh Dog Food

The proportion of foods in the diet should be as follows:

  • meat and fish is 50–70%;
  • cereals are 20–40%;
  • vegetables are up to 25%;
  • fats are up to 1 %.

Spayed pets often have the problem of obesity. In this case, you should buy a reduced amount of carbs in the diet and increase the amount of vegetables (fiber).

If your dog gobbles up everything in his bowl, probably, the portion you give isn't enough. Try increasing the amount of brand dog food for white dogs next time. If there is food left in the bowl half an hour after feeding, you have probably exceeded its allowance. Try reducing it the next time you feed your puppy.