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Maremma Sheepdog

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The Maremma sheepdog is a responsible guardian and protector who easily gets along with any animal but is extremely distrustful of two-legged strangers who set foot on its territory. Only children can melt the ice in the heart of the Maremma, to whom it willingly trusts, forgiving even the most annoying of pranks. Owners are friends and companions, but by no means objects of worship, whose requirements must be fulfilled at the drop of a hat.

With members of their family, these snow-white shepherds are affectionate and tender; they are not only excellent defenders but also the most loyal and reliable friends. They are extremely wary of strangers, constantly watching their actions and movements. But they never show aggression without a good reason. An intelligent dog can correctly assess the situation and adhere to a certain behavior.

Sheepdogs are especially vigilant at night. If during the day guests are allowed to move freely on the owner's property, then at night it's better to refrain from moonlight walks because it's unsafe.

With the owner's children, Maremma is infinitely patient and kind, allowing them to do almost anything by themselves. A calm and balanced pup cannot be taken out of balance. However, such tolerance doesn't extend to the neighbor's children, who can irritate the sensitive animal with noise. These dogs get along well with other animals and don't conflict even with cats.

Nutritional Needs of Maremma Sheepdogs

Specialists recommend to buy Superior Care white dogs dry food at a low price. This will save a significant amount of time on cooking for the pet and will allow you to make the dog's diet balanced. It's important to choose the right product for your dog.

Large breeds of dogs with large appetites require a different combination of nutrients, including minerals and vitamins, compared to smaller dogs. Maremma sheepdogs are also prone to flatulence and stomach problems. To reduce such risk, more frequent and split meals are recommended.

Maremma puppies are fed 6 times a day, but by a year of age, this number is gradually reduced to 2 times. Occasionally, dogs will want some treats before bedtime.

Features and Benefits of Superior Care Dry Food

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Ingredients and Formulation

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