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Maltese dogs are the favorites of French monarchs, glamorous beauties that just ask to be on the cover of a glossy magazine. Even in the toughest times for dogs, these snow-white fluffy dogs were pampered, which couldn't but affect their character. Deprived of the need to compete for a bowl of soup, the Maltese have evolved into carefree majors who don't mind any adversity. Never-depressed and fussy dogs became real therapists who can cure the most lingering depression. That's understandable: it is impossible to find another breed with similar characteristics.

Nutritional Benefits for Maltese Dogs

We are convinced that the health and well-being of pets cannot be achieved without a truly natural diet.

Superior Care white dogs food is made with natural, fresh, and high-quality ingredients that retain their full nutritional value. Brand foods and treats will please your pets, help them maintain optimal shape, and avoid obesity.

Health and Wellness Benefits

Dry white dog food contains the ingredients needed to keep your pet healthy. By buying it at the SuperiorCare.Pet online store for an affordable price, you allow your pup to maintain healthy intestinal microflora and proper digestion exactly after implementing it into the daily diet.

This food is great for a balanced diet, as it has a complete formula:

  • meat ingredients for strength and energy, as well as fatty acids;
  • Omega-3 and Omega-6 for healthy skin and a beautiful coat;
  • calcium and phosphorus balance to keep bones and teeth healthy; 
  • vitamins and minerals to improve metabolism;
  • vitamin E to enhance immunity.

A unique balance of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in each product protects your pet's immunity from external aggression and stress. To see all the benefits of Superior Care dry food, add regular care procedures to your puppy's daily routine. Cost-affordable products suitable for such sessions are also available in the catalog. 

Natural ingredients in dog food for white dogs contribute to the health and proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria, support the correct balance of microflora in the intestines, and maintain the integrity of the intestinal barrier. The absence of wheat gluten considerably reduces the risk of food intolerance. This is another significant reason to buy this food, without considering how much delivery and the order itself will cost.

Feeding Guidelines and Recommendations

The Maltese can be fed with natural food, or it can be fed "dry". Either way, you shouldn't overfeed your pet, unless you can find a lumbering ball of fur at home with shortness of breath.

These dogs are fed four times a day until they are six months old. Then it's down to three meals a day. Yearling animals are completely transferred to two meals a day.

Like with most other breeds, cured meats, sweets, potatoes, and legumes are extremely harmful to the Maltese. Spicy cheeses, pickles, and cabbage are also recommended for this list.

Functional Nature's protection white dog food for Maltese puppies should be chosen individually with a vet because some customers review that particular varieties of dry food can provoke allergies in the dog. Your dog's eyes will tell you that it's time for a change, as they tend to water up if you're feeding it the wrong food.

The food from our extensive catalog should be introduced gradually, mixed with the food you gave the dog earlier for five days, and given separately. The amount of daily food allowance depends on the overall condition, the age of the pet, and the time of year. In summer, it's recommended to reduce the suggested daily diet, and in winter, it should be increased to maintain the body weight of the dog.