Food for Dalmatian


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Nature's Protection Superior Care White Dogs Grain-Free Dry Dog Food For Junior Small and Mini Breeds Light Coated Dogs, White Fish
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Nature's Protection Superior Care White Dogs Grain-Free Dry Dog Food For All Breeds Puppy, Salmon, Starter (Up to 4 month)
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Nature's Protection Superior Care White Dogs Grain-Free Dry Dog Food For Junior All Breeds Light Coated Dogs, Salmon
From $21.99 to $79.99

Tauro Pro Line Ultra Natural Care 6in1 Pure Mist, multifunctional product for daily body care
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Dalmatians were originally used for hunting and to escort their owners' carriages, emphasizing their high status by their mere presence. Nowadays a Dalmatian mostly serves as a companion, generously giving love to its owners. The dog never gives its friendship to everyone. Its trust will have to be earned.

Such a dog needs a strong-willed and confident owner.

The unique character of the dog requires a special approach and proper training, and it also needs early socialization. An owner who is indifferent to these requirements will end up with an aggressive and stubborn dog.

Feeding Guidelines and Tips

Dalmatians are often prone to allergic reactions to poor-quality foods, as well as food additives and colors. Therefore, it's best not to give them cheap unproven foods.

On average, puppies get to new owners at 2–2.5 months, and they should be fed 5 times a day — the first meal is at 6–7 a.m., and the last is no later than 10 p.m. From 3 months, the number of feedings is reduced by one, and from 4–5 months — by one more. From 6 to 10 months, the pet eats 3 meals per day, and from 10 months, the number of meals can be switched to 2 a day as an adult.

Key Features of Superior Care Dry Food

The SuperiorCare.Pet brand controls each stage of production, from the purchase of raw materials to packaging, and strictly follows the recipe.

This allows the company to maintain a stable product quality, including the proportions of ingredients, vitamins and minerals, energy values, and taste.

Constant review and analysis enable it to control feed nutrition, allowing you not to think about how much products cost at the same time. These products and treats are microbiologically monitored, making them safe for your pets.

Superior Care line includes nutritionally balanced dog food for white dogs with natural composition, high nutrient content, and popular flavors:

  • Salmon provides your pup with high-quality, easily digestible protein and essential vitamins.
  • Lamb meat in Superior Care white dog's food provides animals with high energy levels and all essential nutrients.
  • White fish is suitable as a variety or as a staple diet. Fish protein is easier to digest, fish is rich in Omega-3 and is a source of glucosamine and chondroitin, useful for strengthening joints.

The online store also offers to buy more exotic Nature's protection white dog food options for a reasonable price, and an insect flavor is one of the most unusual types you can order delivery from the catalog. Protein from insects is superior to traditional meat in nutritional value, and ingredients derived from them can even replace some medications.

Health and Care Tips

Although functional white dog food is important to order, proper care is also required. The perfect environment for a dog is a spacious house with a fenced-in area. The yard is where it gets all its energy out, while indoors it can keep warm during the cold weather.  If you live in the flat, you must take the dog for walks often and for long periods. They should be intense, active, full of games and physical activities. You can go hunting with the dog. During walks in winter, wear a warm coverall, as a short coat won't save you from the cold.

Regular exercise is the prevention of obesity and other problems. Since this breed is active, you can take them out for bike rides or jogging.

Provide your pet with constant access to drinking water and toilets. This is due to the physiological features of the pet's urinary system. Otherwise, caring for a Dalmatian requires little hassle and includes the following conditions:

  • combing twice a week, as this breed sheds all year round;
  • clean pus from the eyes daily;
  • brushing the ears every other day;
  • bathe once a week;
  • three times a month to trim claws if they don't rub off on their own.

For combing, you can use a brush or a special mitten. With its help, it's easy to remove fallen hair and make a pleasant massage. It will be a pleasant pastime for both the dog and its owner.