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Tauro Pro Line slicker brush plastic

Tauro Pro Line slicker brush with metal rim
From $7.99 to $9.99

Tauro Pro Line Ergonomic Classic Wooden Slicker Dog & Cat Brush For Long & Dense Coats Comfortable Brushing And Detangling

Tauro Pro Line Brush wooden, rectangular shape
From $23.99 to $29.99

Tauro Pro Line Brush wooden, rectangular shape
From $23.99 to $29.99

By brushing your dog's fur often, you can prevent unattractive and painful tangles and mats. If your want a professional-level grooming for your dog, you should invest in high-quality dog grooming supplies.

To help your pet appear even better, Superior Care Pet has a full range of stainless steel combs and brushes. We offer the items you will need for all your pet friend's grooming requirements, whether you're searching for a dog slicker brush to assist in untangling their hair, a pet comb to detangle damp fur, or a de-shedding tool.

Combs and brushes for dogs at Superior Care Pet

Pet brushes come in a variety of designs to suit various coat types

  1. A slicker brush with rows of small pins to pull loose hair and detangle strands is an ideal buy for all coat types.
  2. A pin brush is designed for longer, smoother coat types and features wire pins with tips.
  3. A bristle brush spreads coat care powder and enhances the gloss of spiky or short coats.

In fact, there are various different kinds of combs available to brush your best friend's coat and style it.

These brushes have several advantages, which is a terrific feature. They assist in removing extra fur that your beloved dog might otherwise wind up losing all over your carpets while also keeping your dog's coat in the best condition. For instance, a dog slicker brush helps remove stray fur and detangles it, giving your dog the greatest possible sensation and appearance while sparing you from constantly cleaning up dog hair. Also, it has rounded pins to prevent scratching the skin, and ergonomic non-slip handle for groomer’s convenience.

The quality we offer

Each comb and brush is constructed from sturdy, safe materials to guarantee user safety. Pins from stainless steel won't corrode from the water. We ensure there are sufficient solutions for all dog breeds and all types of groomers, including both professionals and home enthusiasts.

Buy Superior Care Pet brushes and combs for a reasonable price. For orders totaling $70 or more, the delivery is free. We provide quick and affordable delivery to any city in the US!