Top 3 Grooming Tools Every Groomer Should Have

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I have been living with dogs for more than 35 years, almost my whole life. This extensive experience has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of their needs and acquire professional grooming skills. I have come to realize the information, effort, and experience required in the groomer profession, along with the physical challenges it presents.


Driven by my love for pets and my dedication to this profession, I often hear the question, "Do I need professional dog grooming tools?" The answer is a resounding yes! Using the best grooming supplies, best pet grooming products, and best pet grooming tools is essential. These professional grooming tools not only streamline the grooming process but also prioritize the well-being of the groomer. Throughout my years of working with pets, I have made numerous observations and findings that have led me to develop an effective care system. This system encompasses natural skin and coat care products, innovative equipment, and high-quality professional grooming tools.


To facilitate the grooming process, it is crucial to choose comfortable and lightweight tools crafted from durable materials. These tools not only enable you to groom your pet with ease but also feature ergonomic designs that adapt to your hand movements, reducing the strain on your wrists.


Remember, investing in the right dog groomer tools is crucial for achieving exceptional grooming results while ensuring your own comfort and well-being throughout the process.



I see scissors as the most important tool of the groomer. The scissors have to be treated with extra caution and respect. I usually tell my students: if you have dropped your scissors, they will never cut as sharply as before. That is the reason I never land my own scissors to other groomers and I advise you to do so too. 


Trying to ease the load on the wrist, I have created my nominal scissors which are:

    • Made of a top quality 440C Japanese stainless steel​, single alloy, which is used for the production of professional scissors only.
    • Ergonomic. All the scissors have tabs that create an exceptionally comfortable finger position during work. They leave no pressure marks even with long, continuous use. Small additional details ensure that the scissors are stable in the hand and do not crisscross.
    • Quality machined blade. The scissors are extremely sharp so they glide through the coat very easily. 
    • Wide variety. I have created scissors for different functions – cutting, thinning, shaping, trimming, etc.
    • Suitable for left-handed groomers. Tauro Pro Line scissors have a separate line for left-handed people in order to ensure maximum comfort in grooming.



Don’t forget to clean the scissors after each grooming. Handle them responsibly and with care, and protect the scissors from sharp impacts on hard surfaces, as impact damage may render the scissors unsuitable for cutting. I recommend using scissors only after bathing the pet.


Brushes and Combs


I used various brushes but as the technologies are changing so fast, I wanted to have brushes and combs that would be the most comfortable, long-lasting, and ergonomic. I am so glad that this year I was able to present my thoroughly created novelties – Tauro Pro Line combs and brushes that are attributed to the Royal and Prestige lines.


They are premium quality products that provide maximum comfort for the groomer and the pet:

    • Special pin processing. Each brush pin is inserted into the cushion using a special technology that prevents it from collapsing into the cushion and makes it stay in place when combing the fur. Also, the pin angle is specially adapted to perfectly glide through the hair.
    • Long-lasting. Tauro Pro Line combs are made from stainless steel and aluminum, while the brushes are made of teak wood and stainless steel as well. 
    • Soft cushion. The brush pad is soft and elastic and gently adapts to the curves of the pet's body without irritating the skin.
    • Ergonomic. They are lightweight and comfortable to grip, so you won't strain your wrist while brushing your pet.
    • Antistatic. The special anti-static coating prevents the hair from building up an electric charge and makes combing even easier by leaving the coat smooth and nicely falling.
    • Great results for different needs. We offer extra-wide brushes for large breed dogs, brushes with extra-long pins for long-coated dogs and cats, and diverse brushes for various functions, e.g., for brushing the snout, spreading the powder on a pet's fur, massaging the skin, de-shedding, etc. 
    • Universal use. These tools can be used by professional pet groomers and owners who protect their pet's fur and skin.


Nail cutting tools


Cutting a pet’s nails is a duty for both the groomer and the owner. There are two ways of doing it: with nail clippers or a nail grinder. Usually, I use nail clippers because it is quicker. When choosing nail clippers, pay attention to their quality. It is important that the clippers would be durable, sharp, and accurate, and feel convenient in your hand. 


When the pet is stressed and isn’t used to cutting nails, I prefer using a nail grinder. I recommend the Tauro Pro Line nail grinder for several reasons:

    • Ultra-quiet. The noise level of the grinding cutter is less than 60 dB. This ensures a quieter operation that is less disturbing for pets – making nail clipping easier and less stressful for your pet.
    • Diamond wheel. The grinding cutter features a diamond rotating wheel and brass shaft for strong power and high rotational speed. This makes grinding your pet's nails quick and efficient.
    • Different speed options. Depending on the size of the pet and the need for nail grinding, there are two speeds to choose from – medium or turbo.
    • Suitable for all pets. The high-performance big head has different sides for shortening the fingernails of large-medium or small pets. 
    • Long battery life. The grinding cutter can be used for up to 4 hours on a full charge.
    • Ergonomic design. The grinding cutter is light and convenient to hold in the hand and grind the nail in various directions.


Grooming tools is key to successful and smooth grooming process. I invite you to discover the tools, which will ease the labor of the groomer and provide comfort for the pet!

Breeding dogs for more than 35 years brought me to my mission – to understand and create the best products for pets. I’m ready to share my long-tested and thoroughly created pet care system with you!
- Janita J. Plunge

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