Tauro Pro Line Prestige Wooden Dog & Cat Powder Brush With Wool Bristles Ergonomic Multipurpose Grooming Tool

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1.77 x 2.17 in
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Natural bristle brush "Tauro Pro Line" is an excellent choice both for pet owners who care for the fur and skin of their pets, and for professional groomers who do their work flawlessly.

Natural bristles

Synthetic bristles often cause allergies and irritate the skin, but Tauro Pro Line brush bristles are made from natural wool fibers. For this reason, the risk of developing allergies and skin irritation is small to none.


The use of the brush can be very diverse: you can easily clean the pet's fur, the brush is very useful after trimming, when you need to clean the pet's face from cut hair. In addition, it is a great tool for spreading product between the pet's fur or on its paws.

Convenient to use

The Tauro Pro Line brush is compact and lightweight, and it's comfortable to hold, so you won't tire your wrist while brushing your pet.

Delicate design

The brush looks elegant, its base is wooden, dark brown.


• Dimensions: 1.77 x 2.17 in.
• Color – dark wood.
• With natural wool bristles.

Manufacturer: Tauro Pro Line.

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