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Tauro Pro Line Pet ozone bath, with MILK SPA program, IONIC technology

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Tauro Pro Line Massage Ozone Bath with the Milk SPA programme and the IONIC (air Ionisation) technology is designed for bathing pets and preventing various coat and skin ailments.

Ozone-enriched water has a positive effect on both skin and coat, but can also help treat skin conditions and relieve allergic reactions.

This bath is designed for both professional use by groomers and kennels, and for pet owners who want to thoroughly care for their pets' coat and skin.


Benefits of ozone for animal skin and coat:

  • Activates cellular immunity.
  • Ozone stimulates the production of collagen, which promotes tissue regeneration.
  • Cleanses and brightens the skin by removing toxins, impurities and free radicals.
  • Accelerates healing processes.
  • Relieves allergy symptoms.
  • Treats burns and insect bites.
  • Relieves/treats symptoms of eczema, seborrhoeic dermatitis.
  • Inhibits the appearance of dandruff.
  • Has disinfectant properties – boosts the immunity.
  • Ozone has a positive effect and stimulates coat growth, nurturing the hair structure from within and repairing damaged areas. Cosmetic products interact with ozone in an enhanced way to produce a perfect result.

Complex and periodic use with professional cosmetics can achieve stunning results.


Bathing your pet regularly in ozone-enriched water can help:

  • Thoroughly clean the dirt from the coat and skin;
  • Improve skin and coat condition;
  • Increase the effectiveness of SPA treatments on skin and coat;
  • Promote skin regeneration;
  • Promote hair follicle strength and regeneration;
  • Promote better absorption of the good properties of cosmetics;
  • Treat various skin and coat diseases;
  • Reduce allergic skin reactions;
  • Promote healing of mechanical skin damage;
  • Train your pet, as 15 minutes in this bath is equivalent to 1.5 hours in the gym.

Bathing in ozone-enriched water can also help with various skin and coat disorders. Improves skin and coat condition in fungal diseases such as:

  • fungus;
  • dermatophytosis;
  • dermatomycosis;
  • malassezia fungus;


If your pet has skin wounds:

Ozone technology promotes skin regeneration, provides extra hydration, opens the pores of the skin and coat, and improves absorption of products, in other words, nourishes the skin from the inside. During a SPA treatment, the oils used in the water penetrate the skin and remove toxins.


For allergies and dermatitis:

Ozone therapy reduces allergy symptoms (redness, scaling, unpleasant smell, pigmentation changes) that occur after flea bites, in the case of food allergies, atopic dermatitis or seborrhoea.


If your pet has baldness (alopecia) or hair loss:

Alopecia can be caused by a variety of factors, including genetics, but the most common are: too hot water, surgical intervention, frequent preparation of the coat for shows, cutting too close to the skin (follicular atrophy), etc. Ozone moisturises, acts as an antioxidant, boosts immunity, opens pores and enriches the skin with beneficial substances to improve regeneration.


In the case of leishmaniasis:

Leishmaniasis is a disease caused by a protozoan that causes ulceration of the skin. Ozone technology in this case acts as a special moisturiser and accelerates the healing of skin and wounds. This is important to maintain a strong protective layer against external factors and to keep the skin healthy, non-flaking and free from irritation.


MILK SPA technology

This bath also features Milk SPA technology, which enriches the coat's care with the effects of fine nanoparticles. The Milk SPA solution elevates the care of your pet's coat and skin to the highest professional level.

Milk SPA is the most innovative technology for the skin and coat care and treatment

This technology is based on ultra-fine, nano-particles. Due to their size, the nano bubbles can penetrate deep into the skin pores and hair follicles, removing excess sebum (sebum), dirt and impurities.


What a nanobubble is?

Nano-bubbles are inherently very small, with diameters of less than 0.025 mm and more than 0.002 mm. Bubbles of this size can easily penetrate the hair follicle and the pores of the skin without damaging the epidermis (the top protective layer of the skin).

Nano-bubbles contain mostly oxygen, so they can stay in water for a long time, before the oxygen dissolves in the water and the bubbles disappear. Due to their extremely small size, the nano bubbles have a negative electrical charge, making them easy to attract dirt.

Together with ultrasonic vibration and cavitation, dirt and bubbles will be separated and removed from the skin during the treatment.

The oxygen from the treatment will improve the skin's metabolism and help repair damaged skin more quickly, helping to maintain healthy and supple skin.


Benefits of Milk SPA technology:

  • Helps treat atopic dermatitis.
  • Activates skin cell regeneration.
  • Helps repair damaged skin.
  • Opens and cleanses skin pores.
  • Removes excess sebum from the skin.
  • Helps repair damaged skin.
  • Helps heal damaged capillaries.
  • Easily attracts and removes dirt and grime.
  • Improves the absorption and effectiveness of cosmetic and therapeutic products.


What is special about IONIC - air ioniser technology?

An air ioniser, charged with positive and negative ions, helps remove heavy metals and toxins from the body.

  • Reduces inflammation.
  • This technology generates negative ions that help eliminate the static charge on the coat.
  • Your pet's coat is thoroughly, deeply cleaned, leaving it softer and with extra shine.
  • Ion technology also helps water evaporate faster, so the coat is exposed to less heat. This allows you to keep it healthy and radiant.
  • The integrated ionic technology reduces the electrostatic effect of the coat and shortens the drying process, so that the coat is maintained and shaped more efficiently.


The benefits of hydro massage for your pet:

  • Relaxes your pet's muscles.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Promotes skin regeneration.
  • Improves blood circulation and metabolism.


The Tauro Pro Line Massage Ozone Bathtub with Milk SPA technology has the following LCD display-adjustable functions:

  • Waterfall running function.
  • Water inlet.
  • Hand shower.
  • Handheld shower control.
  • JET - activates the Milk SPA technology.
  • BUBBLE - A. beeps twice to trigger ozone technology.
  • Pressing again activates the massage.
  • LIGHT - chronotherapy - light therapy.
  • POWER - switching on.
  • Water drain function.
  • Enrichment of water with ozone.
  • Bubble bath function + lighting.
  • Massage function.



  1. Fill the bath with warm water at a temperature of 37.5 ºC.
  2. Press the power button.
  3. Press the Jet button to start the Milky SPA function.
  4. Put your pet in the bath for 15-20 minutes.
  5. After 15-20 minutes, switch on the ozone function for 10 minutes.
  6. After all these steps, switch off the Milky Spa and Ozone functions.



  1. Switch on the Hydro-massage function and pour in the prepared cosmetics.
  2. Leave your pet in the bath with Hydromassage function and cosmetics for 15 more minutes.
  1. After 15 minutes, turn off the bath, rinse your cosmetics and remove the pet.
  1. Dry with a dryer or blow dry, comb and trim as usual.



  • Colour: white and black.
  • Ozone sterilisation.
  • Dimensions: 120 x 73 x 95 cm.


Made in China acc. to special order of Tauro Pro Line.

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