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Nature's Protection Superior Care - pet feed measuring scoop

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Article number: MPSC20631499

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max 28,21 oz

Nature’s Protection Superior Care’s electronic food measuring cup is a great measuring tool for weighing your pet’s food and maintaining the perfect portion size. 

Thanks to its easy and convenient handling, the shovel will become an indispensable tool for taking care of your pet on a daily basis.


Accurate measurement

Nature’s Protection Superior Care’s electronic food scoop is very accurate - it can weigh a few grams.


LCD screen

Digital scales with LCD screen allow you to see the exact weight of the food being weighed. 2 different weighing units are available - grams or ounces.


Convenient to use

The measuring cup is easy to remove and put back on, so you can easily wash it after use. Monitor your pet's daily feeding - conveniently take food straight from the pack without fear of making a mistake about the daily norm.


Easy food dosing

You will see exactly how much food you give your pet each time on the digital screen. Easily adjust your food dosage by adding or decreasing it according to the recommended daily ration you will find on the food packaging.


Weight control

Convenient use makes it easier to normalize your pet's weight balance to protect him or her from being overweight.



The battery is not included in the measuring cup package and must be purchased separately. A CR2032 type battery is used.

The maximum weight is 1.76 lb.

Dimensions: 11.4 x 3.7 x 1.97 cm.

Material - ABS.

Made in China.