Unlocking the Power of RCE for Dogs: Understanding the Unique Formula behind the Color of Dog Fur

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When we look at dogs, their fur color captures our attention and adds to their unique beauty. Have you ever wondered what determines the stunning array of fur colors seen in our canine companions? The answer lies in a fascinating interplay of genetics, melanin, and certain amino acids - cysteine, tyrosine, and methionine. In this article, we delve into the science behind dog fur color and explore the secrets of RCE (Red Coat Enhancer) found in Nature’s Protection Superior Care Red Coat food.


RCE Complex is a balanced amino acid complex that helps protect and enhance the natural pigmentation of brown and red coat. ​It is these amino acids that promote the sufficient production of color pigment. ​The RCE complex in the Red coat food provides the pet with a sufficient amount of amino acids that affect coat pigmentation. ​


The Science of Dog Fur Color


The captivating array of colors that adorn a pet's coat is a result of the intricate workings of melanocyte cells nestled within the hair follicles. These remarkable cells hold the key to the vibrant hues that define our furry companions. Melanocyte cells, acting as skilled artisans, produce two primary types of color pigments: black eumelanin and brown pheomelanin.  The production and expression of these color pigments are deeply influenced by the presence of specific amino acids, namely thyrosin, cystine, and methionine. These essential building blocks serve as nourishment for the melanocyte cells, fueling their ability to synthesize and deposit the pigments responsible for the coat's distinct coloring.





When the delicate balance of amino acids is disrupted, a noticeable shift in coat color occurs. The lack of these vital amino acids in the hair roots can result in a decrease in the production of color pigments within the melanocyte cells. This alteration in pigment synthesis manifests as a change in the coloration of a pet's coat. Understanding the intricate science behind dog fur color unveils the crucial role amino acids play in maintaining the vibrant hues we adore. By recognizing the significance of thyrosin, cystine, and methionine as the nourishing elements that sustain melanocyte cells, we gain insights into how to unlock and preserve the true beauty of our beloved pets' coats. That is the basis of the Nature’s Protection Superior Care Red Coat food effectiveness.




The Causes of Coat Depigmentation


It's important to note that melanocyte cells can be influenced by various factors. Age and health play pivotal roles in the intensity and vibrancy of a dog's coat color. As our loyal companions grow and mature, subtle changes in their genetic expression and melanin production can occur, leading to shifts in coat color over time. But where other reasons of depigmentation too. Some of them are:


  • Hormones: Conditions like hypothyroidism can result in hair loss, fatigue, and obesity in dogs. Female dogs may also experience color changes as they reach sexual maturity.
  • Illness: Infections, including Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and certain types of cancers can cause pigment changes in a dog's coat. Conditions like vitiligo can also contribute to depigmentation. Additionally, inadequate nutrition can result in color loss or a dull coat, as well as other issues such as allergies, hair loss, skin lesions, and skin thickening.
  • Stress: Excessive shedding or thinning of the hair can be observed in dogs experiencing stress. This can expose the undercoat, causing the coat to appear different in color. Stress can be triggered by various factors, and some dogs are more prone to it than others.
  • Grooming: Regular shaving of your dog's coat can lead to color changes and alterations in hair texture. As the hair grows back, it may appear softer and lighter. The frequency of shaving can have a more significant impact on the extent of these changes.
  • Injury: Severe injuries that involve operational seams or ripped skin can affect the proper growth of the coat, leading to irregularities in color and texture.
  • Environmental influences: Sun exposure can bleach the hair, causing it to lighten in color.


Now, you may wonder, how can we ensure that our furry friends' coats remain bright and healthy throughout their lives? The answer lies in a natural approach that aligns with their nutritional needs. Our Nature's Protection Superior Care Red Coat food provides a wholesome solution to support and maintain the natural brilliance of a dog's fur. By incorporating our specially crafted formula into their diet, enriched with the optimal blend of essential nutrients and amino acids, we empower pet owners to nurture their dogs' coats from within.


Natural Solution – the Red Coat Food


Nature’s Protection Red Coat food offers a range of benefits that contribute to the overall well-being and appearance of your dog:


  1. Helps to promote and improve coat pigmentation, enhancing the natural color of your dog's fur. By including essential amino acids in its unique formula, Red Coat food nourishes the hair roots and supports the production of color pigments, resulting in a vibrant and lustrous coat.
  2. Fights against brown tear stains, thanks to the carefully selected balance of amino acids that promote transparent tear and saliva structure. This helps to prevent unsightly stains around the eyes, mouth, and paws.
  3. Provides a healthy and balanced diet for your furry friend. It features high-quality hypoallergenic protein sources, enriched with essential vitamins and minerals, ensuring your dog receives optimal nutrition for their overall health and vitality.

With Red Coat food, you can give your dog the best care and nourishment for a beautiful coat and a happy, healthy life.




The Importance of Understanding Dog Fur Color


Understanding dog fur color goes beyond aesthetics and holds significance in various aspects of dog ownership and breeding. Here are key reasons why comprehending dog fur color is essential:


  1. Breed Selection and Breeding Practices: Knowledge of canine coat color genetics can play a crucial role in breed selection and breeding practices. By understanding how certain genes contribute to specific coat colors, breeders can make informed decisions to achieve desired coat colors in their breeding programs. This understanding helps maintain breed standards and preserve the unique characteristics of different dog breeds.
  2. Impact on Health: Certain coat colors, such as lighter or white coats, may be more prone to sunburn or skin issues. By understanding these connections, dog owners and breeders can better cater to the specific needs and characteristics associated with different coat colors.
  3. Significance in Dog Shows and Competitions: In the world of dog shows and competitions, coat color plays a significant role. Judges often evaluate a dog's coat color, pattern, and markings as part of the overall assessment. Understanding the breed-specific coat color standards and how different coat colors are valued in competitions can help owners and breeders present their dogs in the best possible light and increase their chances of success.


By delving deeper into the understanding of dog fur color, breeders, owners, and enthusiasts can make informed decisions that contribute to the health and success of dogs. It fosters responsible breeding practices, ensures the overall well-being of dogs, and adds value to the world of dog shows and competitions.




The journey of unlocking the secrets behind dog fur color leads us to the remarkable solution provided by Nature's Protection Superior Care Red Coat food. By understanding the unique formula behind dog fur color, we gain valuable insights that enable us to make informed decisions in breed selection, breeding practices, and overall care. The impact of dog fur color extends beyond aesthetics, as it can influence a dog's health and hold significance in dog shows and competitions, where brightly and healthy coats are highly valued. With Nature's Protection Superior Care Red Coat food, we have a powerful tool to promote and improve coat pigmentation, fight against brown tear stains, and provide a wholesome and balanced diet for our beloved companions.

Breeding dogs for more than 35 years brought me to my mission – to understand and create the best products for pets. I’m ready to share my long-tested and thoroughly created pet care system with you!
- Janita J. Plunge

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