How To Blow Dry Your Dog At Home?

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In this blog post, we will explore how to blow dry your dog at home using the best dog blow dryer. Learn the proper techniques for drying your dog after a bath and discover the benefits of air-drying. I will provide recommendations for the best dog hair dryer for Poodles and the best force dryer for dogs, ensuring your pet's coat is dried efficiently and effectively. Say goodbye to wet fur and discover the best way to dry your dog after a bath.


Do I need to dry my pet’s coat after bathing?  How to properly dry a dog? How to  air dry a dog after a bath? These are common questions among pet owners. The answer to it will be always yes. There are several reasons why it’s so important to blow dry your pet’s coat completely:


  1. For a better-looking pet. Complete blow drying all the way will make your pet look the best. The hair will be straight, fluffy, and clean. Breeds like poodles or bichons look more professional when blow-dried, and other breeds look full of body.
  2. For a cleaner pet. Your dog's hair will be cleaner after a blow-dry because a wet coat will immediately pick up all kinds of dirt if the pet is allowed to run and play while it is still wet. 
  3. For the pet's coat to be less smelly. The coat that doesn't get dried right away will pick some musty or moldy smells, and that defeats the point of bathing in the first place.
  4. To avoid bacteria. A wet, undried dog coat makes it easier for bacteria to multiply, which can cause skin irritations, like rashes or itching. 


How to Blow-Dry a Dog?


There are several key points and steps that you need to know and follow before drying your pet’s coat after bathing.


  1. Start with a Towel Dry

I do recommend towel drying first to get most of the moisture off and lessen the time it takes to blow-dry. Do not, for any reason, rub vigorously with the towel. The up-and-down, back-and-forth motion only makes mats and tangles in the coat! Try the squeegee method instead, pressing and squeezing all over to allow the towel to soak up as much water as possible. I recommend using the Tauro Pro Line rubber towel at this step. This towel absorbs moisture 10 times better than a cotton towel. After drying the pet with a towel, pull out your dryer.


  1. Choose the Right Dryer Setting

Dryers nowadays have so many settings. I recommend using a warm (not hot!) setting and adjustable airflow speed to make the pet feel comfortable. The higher the airflow, the faster the coat will dry.


  1. Use Cool Air Intermittently

If you have a button for cool air, you can use it intermittently so you don't overheat your pet.


  1. Brush the Coat with Your Free Hand

While you are blow-drying, use your free hand to brush through the coat as you go. This will help to make the coat smooth and fluffy after drying.


  1. Check for Mats and Other Issues

While you are brushing and drying, keep your eyes open for mats and skin problems so that you can address them later. 



What kind of animal blow dryer to use for grooming your pet?


Professional groomers, breeders, and owners do not use the same dryers for the pets that we buy for our own hair. Professionals use several different types of dryers and they all have a special purpose. Force dryers, fluff dryers, and drying cabinets are the main ones.


  1. Drying Cabinet

When working as a groomer, it is often necessary to bathe not one pet, but several at once. Drying cabinet saves your time, you’ll work efficiently without leaving a wet pet waiting for its turn to get dried. Your pet will warm up immediately after bathing. After the dryer has done its work, combing the pet’s coat will be easy and effortless.


The benefit of using a drying cabinet is that it is less scary for animals who are very nervous, especially cats. Very young animals and also very old animals are often much more comfortable being dried in the cabinet than force-dried, other pets have no problem with being force-dried but won't let you do their faces that way. 


The Tauro Pro Line pet drying cabinet is a revolution in pet drying! It is a necessity for pet groomers, kennels, veterinarians, and other professionals. This dryer saves you time and makes your work more efficient by giving the pets maximum comfort. The dryer program allows you to choose the right temperature from five different temperature modes to make the most of it to your needs. It is extremely safe for your pet because it has an advanced air circulation system with three adjustable air-blowing speeds. Your pet is always supplied with fresh air and there's no moisture inside. The Tauro Pro Line drying cabinet is equipped with a modern UV ozone system for disinfection, it also has a special filter for convenient hair collection. 

  1. Fluff/Stand Dryers
Fluff/stand dryers are similar in strength and airflow capacity to your dryer at home, but they're a lot more versatile. They usually have two knobs: one for airflow and the other for variable heat. They are on a stand and may even have a hose attached so you can have fine control over where to direct the air. Without the hose attachment, you can point the air at the dog and still have both hands free to brush at the same time. They are great for finishing off faces or other areas you find that is still damp and to get the most fluff into a pet's coat.
  1. Force Dryer
Last, but not least, is the force dryer. This is the favorite among groomers. It only has a few settings: fast, faster, and fastest. Or, on some models, on and off. These dryers are not made with heating elements at all. Their purpose is to blast the water up and off of the coat when you hold the nozzle close to the skin. The only heat they produce is from their own motors as they get warm.
These dryers were made to "force" the water off the hair, thus leaving the pet dry. They can get your pet completely dry in a few minutes, versus half an hour to an hour or more with other models. Other models are made to dry the water that is on the coat. This just removes the water from the coat.
After most of the water has been removed, the leftover dampness dries very quickly. The other neat thing about force drying is that it will also blast shedding hair out of a coat, making brushing 10 times easier, and it will straighten curly coats. A straight coat is ideal for working with when cutting hair.

Saving money and space, I have created a professional Tauro Pro Line dryer which is 2in1, a fluff dryer, and a force dryer, making it the best at-home dog blow dryer ever. See more in this video bellow.


Dry Your Pet in the Professional Way


Breeding dogs for many years, as well as visiting shows, made me search for something ideal, equally lightweight and efficient, as well as quiet. Decades of experience let me create the ideal force and fluff dryer in one. 


After bathing my dogs, I gently squeeze the moisture out with a rubber towel, then I put the dogs into the Tauro Pro Line drying cabinet for 20 minutes and after that, I quickly finish drying them with a Tauro Pro Line coat dryer. 


The Tauro Pro Line coat dryer with integrated ionic technology is a small, lightweight, and modern coat dryer ideal for both everyday and professional use. It is multifunctional, it can be used at home, at shows, or in mobile grooming salons, and can also be used with a stand and pipe set which makes it a fluff dryer. The coat dryer with integrated ionic technology reduces the electrostatic effect of the coat and shortens the drying process so that the coat can be cared for, combed, and shaped more efficiently. The flexible hose and different nozzles allow to adjust of the strength and concentration of the air jet and adaptation to different coat types. In addition, the handle of the dryer is covered with heat-proof neoprene for comfortable work even for extended periods of time. The huge benefit of the Tauro Pro Line dryer is its quietness. You work quietly without disturbing other professionals nearby, and without causing significant stress to the pet.


Breeding dogs for more than 35 years brought me to my mission – to understand and create the best products for pets. I’m ready to share my long-tested and thoroughly created pet care system with you!
- Janita J. Plunge

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