Tauro Pro Line Janita Plungė Stainless Steel Cutting Scissors Double Finger Rest Curved Ergonomic Extremally Sharp For The Left-Handed

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7'', curved, 440c stainless steel, golden handles
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Tauro Pro Line Janita Plungė line scissors made of the highest quality stainless steel 440c, single alloy, steel for the production of professional scissors. The scissors of this line are light, so they are very easy and manoeuvrable, and due to the high-quality materials used in their production, they are extremely sharp.


For shearing animals

Curved 18-centimeter (7-inch) scissors are designed for cutting. Convenient to use for right-handers and left-handers. Stainless steel curved scissors are designed to trim the legs, chest and other curved parts of the body. The comfortably curved blade will help you achieve a quality result without any hassle. Scissors are perfect for shaping hairstyles for bottles or curly bison.


Ergonomic design

The ergonomically designed scissors have silicone-coated ears that create an exceptionally comfortable finger position during work. Does not leave scabs for a long time, using the scissors continuously. Small additional details ensure the stability of the scissors in the hands, prevent the scissors from intersecting.


Highest quality

The scissors made of the highest quality stainless steel are durable, extremely sharp and durable. You can be sure that these scissors will serve you for many years.


Scissors Care Guide. Easy to adjust with regulator, easy to maintain. Important: Scissors must be cleaned after each dog shearing. To act responsibly and carefully, to protect the scissors from sharp blows on hard surfaces, scissors damaged during the blow may no longer be suitable for cutting. Proper care of scissors requires much less sharpening. The scissors are designed for long-term use. It is only recommended for grooming bathed dogs.



For: haircut.

Shape - curved.

Size - 7 "/ 18 cm.

Composition: 440c stainless steel.

With gold handles.

For left-handers.


Made in China.

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