Our story




I’m Janita J. Plunge – a breeder, cynologist, groomer and product developer.


I have been surrounded by dogs my whole life, therefore grooming, caring for and loving them is my true passion. I have been a breeder for more than 35 years and I breed Bichon Frise, Maltese and Pomeranian Spitz. This has allowed me to precisely analyze the needs of pets.


My mission is to keep pets healthy and happy with the help of natural products. The knowledge and experience that I’ve gained in over 35 years in dog breeding allows me to create the best products for my own and your most precious pets.


When I started my career in cynology with my first dog, I told myself “I will find a solution for white-coated dogs!”. I gathered a team of VET doctors and pet nutritionists to create a natural and balanced solution that helps to eliminate brown tear stains and ensure the wellbeing of pets. After years of extensive testing, we have created a pets’ health formula: 80% nutrition + 20% daily care.


This is how specialized Nature’s Protection Superior Care White Dogs feed and natural Tauro Pro Line skin & coat care products were created. This combination ensures perfect whiteness and is now acknowledged worldwide. We receive great customer reviews and words of gratitude every day. This recognition further inspires me to make the products available to more customers and to keep creating products that ensure the wellbeing of our pets.



Today, our family business has grown into an international company that helps to make the world healthier for pets and their owners. We also:


- Developed our own network of 145 pet supplies stores

- We have 700+ employees working in our company

- Built two factories: a dry food factory and a supplemental treats factory

- Established an international Tauro Grooming Academy in 2021

- Export products produced in our factories to more than 60 countries worldwide

- Created 20 brands known and acknowledged worldwide

- Had three of our products awarded in the New Product Showcase at SuperZoo Show in the Grooming category – Tauro Pro Line 6in1 bath, Stainless Look clay mask and Pure Mist alkaline water




I‘m ready to share my long-tested and thoroughly created pet care system with you!