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Coton de Tulear

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Coton de tulears is an indoor companion dog breed. It was bred in Madagascar and is the national pride of the country. Every dog owner's review shows that it's a small, cute dog with a soft, snow-white coat. It's also cheerful, sociable, and loyal. That’s why it's popular among lovers of companion breeds.

Coton de tulears can become great partners for elderly people, the best friends for teenagers. This cute, funny pup will cheer up and gladly accompany the owner on a trip.

Understanding Your Coton de Tulear's Nutritional Needs

The problem with the Coton de Tulear is food allergies, which cause excessive tearing (brown stains under the eyes) and changes in coat color. So, it's important to choose dry food for the pet, select from hypoallergenic lines, or look for special brands for white breeds.

When feeding your pet, you need to carefully monitor the quantity and quality of the food. The Coton de Tulear is prone to obesity, so it shouldn't be overfed. An adult dog is fed twice a day. The daily norm for food is 14–28 ounces. This depends on the weight of the dog, activity, and time of year.

For feeding, functional dry food or natural products are suitable. However, it's forbidden to give food from your table and provide meals cooked with salt and spices. Nature's Protection white dog food contains all the necessary nutrients for the animal, vitamins and minerals are added. Ideally, there are no beets or dyes in the composition, as they can affect the color of the coat.

Benefits of Superior Care Dry Food

The SuperiorCare.Pet online store provides the delivery of a complete diet for your puppies. It's designed to meet the nutritional needs of small breed dogs. Its specialty is its hypoallergenic composition. This food at a competitive cost is suitable for animals with sensitive digestive systems, and following the 80% nutrition + 20% care rule will bring fantastic results even faster. If dog owners buy any product and treats from the Superior Care online catalog at a competitive price, they will get:

  • Balance. Superior Care has developed a balanced composition that takes into account all the needs of puppies and adult dogs.
  • Naturalness. Only high-quality natural ingredients — no additives and colorants.
  • Caring. Feeding quality food is one of the best ways to care for your pet.

You can order food in different tastes:

  • Lamb. It's a perfect source of protein, non-allergenic, highly digestible, and beneficial for the skin and coat.
  • Salmon. Hypoallergenic proteins are rich in amino acids that promote a shiny coat and healthy skin.
  • Whitefish. Fish is an excellent source of protein, low in saturated fat, and high in Omega-3 for body protection. It also prevents obesity and is easy to digest. 
  • Insect. Insects are an excellent, eco-friendly source of top-notch protein and nutrients. Insect-based dog food is usually made of lauric acids with hypoallergenic characteristics.

This brand uses unique natural supplements to ensure that even if pets have a suppressed appetite, such a diet will replenish essential vitamins and fatty acids that your dog's body may lack. They usually include vitamins A and D3, as well as Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

Vitamin D3 helps with calcium absorption in the body. It promotes strong teeth and healthy bones.

Vitamin A supports vision, appetite, and skin and coat care. It's a natural source of beta-carotene that contains antioxidants.

Salmon oil contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids which prevent moisture loss and slow down the aging process, skin inflammation, and allergic reactions.

Transitioning to Superior Care Dry Food

Superior Care dog food for white dogs tastes excellent, and it can be quite difficult to tear your pet away from this food at first; they are ready to eat the whole bag at once! But it's necessary to introduce your pet to the new food gradually. You will have to adjust the portions of the food:

  • Days 1–2. Replace 25% of the food with Superior Care dry food.
  • Days 3–4. Replace 50% of their food with Superior Care dry food.
  • Days 5–6. Replace 75% of their diet with Superior Care dry food.
  • Day 7. Replace 100% of their food with Superior Care dry food.

Remember that some dogs may be more sensitive to new food and need a longer transition period, so you can extend the transition to 3 weeks. 

Make sure fresh water is available. Your four-legged friend should be able to drink at any time.