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Bichon Frise

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Bichons Frise dogs have a curly snow-white coat and are closely related to the Bolognese dogs. The soft airy "coat" gives the pet a unique charm. The fashion for this breed was introduced in the Dark Ages by French kings. As a result, for a long time, affectionate and extremely active bichons remained constant companions of monarchs, emphasizing the high social status of their owners.

Regardless of what kind of food a miniature Bichon dog will eat, its owner should consider the following factors:

  • the dog must have constant access to clean and cool water;
  • an adult bichon must be fed twice a day, while a baby must be fed five times a day;
  • if the dog is rapidly gaining weight or, conversely, losing weight, it must be shown to a veterinarian;
  • the daily menu should include mineral and vitamin supplements.

Bichon Frise dogs are prone to allergies on the skin. When introducing a new product and treats into a puppy's diet, owners should monitor its skin condition and the overall health of their dog.

Features of Superior Care Dry Food

The advantage of Superior Care white dogs dry food is the balance of nutrients. But their sources matter too!

The key features of this food are:

  • open composition (not just "meat" or "meat ingredients," but "lamb," "salmon," etc.)
  • the basis of the food is fresh ingredients;
  • no sugars, artificial preservatives, flavor enhancers, and dyes.

White dog food is developed by professionals in the field of animal nutrition and satisfies all the nutritional needs of the dog, including vitamins and minerals.

Dry dog food for white dogs makes it possible to pick up the diet according to the age, size, and health of the dog (it's better to discuss the latter with a vet). However, food intolerances aren't uncommon in clinically healthy animals. That's why we have eliminated allergenic chicken and gluten ingredients.

Health Benefits for Bichon Frise

Nature's Protection white dog food doesn't require long cooking or washing. It is indispensable when camping, on walks, and as a reward during exercise, making it convenient for pet owners. Not every puppy can eat vitamins, especially in raw form. Pet owners order dry food delivery for a reasonable price because it contains unique vitamins:

  • vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant to protect the body's cells;
  • a balanced calcium/phosphorus/magnesium/methionine complex helps prevent urolithiasis;
  • the combination of Omega-6 and zinc is beneficial for the health of the skin and the beauty of the pet's coat;
  • a combination of B-vitamins and prebiotics promotes proper gastrointestinal function.

Vitamins are vital in puppyhood, for treating special diseases, and during pregnancy in dogs. The SuperiorCare.Pet brand adds functional minerals all dogs need, regardless of breed, especially during the molting period.

Any review will prove that food formulation is excellent for Bichon Frise. Pup lovers will be pleased with the appearance and health of their pets. High digestibility and absorption of nutrients are achieved through the right balance of proteins and dietary fiber.

How to Buy Dry Dog Food for Bichon Frise Online

Before you order dry food for your pet, you should make the right choice. Consider your dog's age. Puppies from two months and young dogs up to two years old should get the best food available. The pellets are made small so that they are easy to chew. Strong bones and strong muscles are not achieved by the quantity of food, but by its quality.

Adult animals eat according to their activity. Older pets should eat easily digestible food that won't put excessive strain on the internal organs.

Also, buy natural flavors that will satisfy your pet. You can get salmon, lamb, white fish, and even insect tastes in the Superior Care dry food catalog, with no need to think how much it will cost.